Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sale: Green Mantra Crystal Feng Shui WOFS lucky wood

Item(s): Green Mantra Crystal thingy for Feng Shui from WOFS

Package includes: the above, with the turning round thing, power adapter, green crystal, and nice box all original from WOFS shop!

Dealing method: COD or POST

Location: Klang/Bukit Jalil

Item(s) conditions: New in box

SOLD: Intel HyperThreading System Computer CPU Casing

one full system (PC only with ps2 mouse and keyboard. one LCD DELL 15" hp monitor, plus one 15" CRT monitor which is abit annoying), and one new power supply
please see pics for more info

3.0ghz intel ht processor
512MB rdram memory
40gb seagate hard disk
aver tv tuner with cables, etc
int lan
serial and parallel
samsung dvdrom
128mb nvidia graphics card
int soundcard
power supply and casing
ori windows xp license

and one new power supply

Package includes:
the above


Dealing method:

Location of seller:
klang or bukit jalil

Age of item:

few years back.

Item(s) conditions:
used, but everything working

Monday, September 28, 2009

SOLD: Garmin Nuvi 660 and 255W GPS Navigator with Malaysia Maps

i got one very good condition nuvi 660 and one nuvi 255W. light scratches got lo, because its used. 100% working!

nuvi 660 - SOLD
this model has bluetooth to connect to handphone, to make it as a handsfree
device. you can call, send sms, etc using the garmin device

nuvi 255W - SOLD
this model can speak street names, has eco drive, etc, latest model

add RM10 for 256mb memory card with maps!
add RM15 for targus pouch!

cod in bukit jalil or klang

nuvi 660

nuvi 255w

Friday, September 25, 2009

SOLD: Compaq Presario V5000

1.5ghz centrino processor
768mb memory
40gb hard disk
battery<--- good
comes with bag, adapter

cod in klang

Monday, September 21, 2009

SOLD: Dell D620 Laptop with 3G HSDPA

another laptop for sale, very good condition, looks very new..

centrino duo 1.8ghz processor
3gb memory
320gb hard disk
original windows xp
nvidia graphics
comes with bag, battery, adapter

add RM150 for 3G HSDPA card

cod in bukit jalil or klang

Thursday, September 17, 2009

SOLD: "Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS Navigator with Malaysia Maps

i got one very good condition nuvi 660. light scratches got lo, because its
used. 100% working!

this model has bluetooth to connect to handphone, to make it as a handsfree
device. you can call, send sms, etc using the garmin device

add RM5 for 128mb memory card with maps!

cod in bukit jalil or klang

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SOLD: HP NC2400 Laptop

i got one laptop for sale.
hp laptop, very very very good condition..
battery excellent, can last more almost 2 hours..

1.2ghz intel ultra mobile processor
1gb memory
60gb hard disk
card reader
12" lcd
fingerprint sensor
external webcam
touch panel sound
comes with adapter, battery, mouse
warranty still got 2 years from hp...2011++
for chinese buyers, got chinese typing thing..

cod in bukit jalil or klang

Sunday, September 13, 2009

SOLD: Huawei E220 HSDPA USB Modem

i got one usb modem, just barely 1 year old. working 100% no problemo. drivers are included in the usb modem itself. just plug and it will install itself. comes with the modem and the cable and the pouch itself.

cod in klang or bukit jalil

SOLD: few days old Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

i got one xperia for sale. only few days old. the company card will be given
for warranty. cause thats how i got it...u call the guy, and he will warranty
for you..the serial number already registered in their system..

very good condition of course, with screen protector and all the plastic still

comes with handphone, charger, stylus, battery and casing pouch only...
does NOT come with box, usb cable, etc!

comes with garmin also for gps navigation

cod in klang or bukit jalil

Friday, September 11, 2009

SOLD: Acer Travelmate 230

one very good condition acer travelmate 230. condition is good too. but unfortunately the battery is dead :(
anyway, comes with bag, 2Xadapter, battery and laptop

intel celeron 2.2ghz processor
1gb memory
80gb hard disk
external wifi
original windows xp

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sale: Another Batch of GPS coming!

estimated delivery time from US: ETA September 16 2009.

available units: Garmin Nuvi 200W, 260 and 660.

please send your request or questions through the feedback form.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

SOLD: IBM R51 Laptop Notebook 1GB Memory 40GB HDD

i have one laptop for sale, very very very good condition R51 ibm. everything is working 100% no problem at all! battery can last more than 1hour!

1.6Ghz centrino processor
1GB memory
40GB hard disk
14" lcd
very lightweight laptop
comes with very good battery, bag, and power adapter

cod in bukit jalil or puchong

Friday, September 4, 2009

SOLD New Dell Latitude 2100 2GB memory 160GB HDD

i have one new dell laptop for sale. only 1month old. excellent condition with windows vista and microsoft office original. warranty until beginning august 2010. original price at dell is more than 1.6k easily...u can check at dell lo..

intel atom 1.6ghz processor
160gb hard disk
2gb memory
9cell battery
10inch lcd
original windows vista and office 2007
comes with adapter, battery and adapter pouch only. no bag :(

cod in bukit jalil or klang.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Speed Typing

see how fast you can type!

SOLD Selling used Hyundai MLife HYD400S Notebook

hi, i have one laptop for sale. very good condition as in the casing and the outlook. maybe got few scratches, but its not so obvious i guess. however, there is a hairline crack at the bottom of the laptop. the bottom cracked because i screwed the screw too tight when upgrading the memory thus the crack started from the screw place. it doesn't affect anything though. for others, i would say no problemo!

pentium 4 2.4ghz processor
512MB memory
40GB hard disk
card reader
wifi (external)
15" LCD
webcam (last time working but now tried doesn't work, probably need to reinstall windows/drivers). it just shows a white screen.
comes with laptop bag,adapter, battery (working very well, can last more than 30mins easily).

cod in Klang or bukit jalil

Price: RM650

if you want a new optical mouse add RM10, for normal ball mouse, add RM5. its new with box drivers etc. ill also throw in one earphone just for the sake of cleaning my closet, one LAN and one phone line.

32GB Kingston Thumb drive for SALE

of course original lo...
32GB kingston DT120

Package includes:
the above, fully sealed.


5 years kingston
the serial no for u to check:
7 40617 14977 7
TC 14977 00017871
H774 G21 6640923D

Dealing method:
COD or post, for post, add RM2.50 for pos express

Location of seller:
Klang or bukit jalil

Contact method/details:
pm me

Age of item:
new sealed..

Item(s) conditions:
new sealed

For any questions or comments, email me using this form Banner_signup_now_bttn_blue version 1