Friday, February 20, 2009

How to, simplified guide on installing Garmin on 5800 or Windows mobile devices

Garmin has just released a new version of Garmin Mobile XT, version 50040, just download it from here: Garmin MobileXT for Symbian or Nokia Phones. or you can download the Chinese version of Garmin Mobile XT here.
this version is compatible with touch screen devices for symbian such as 5800! woot!

OR go here GarminMobileXTforWindowsMobile_50020w.exe to download it for your Windows Mobile.

after download connect ur phone as mass storage/data transfer(on some phones), and run the setup file above. it will install it automatically.

do not disconnect ur phone yet, as u will need it for the steps below

then next go to google and search/buy from garmin for garmin key and download the file which u will need later (for use with the series of number you noted)

anyway, just download it, run the setup, and after setup is complete, go to your phone, and go to Tools/Applications, File Manager, E:\ or memory card, then scroll down to find GarminMobileXT.sis. double click on it, and setup, by selecting yes/default to all questions (you can select yes to replace 50020, if you have already an old version installed)! and finally it will be installed! easy as that... enjoy...

setup this file GarminMobileXTFreeBasemap_4xxxx.exe to e:\garmin to have the world map :P if not the world map will be empty..remember, its the same way as above, connect the phone as mass storage, then run the setup.

and also, download GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe and run the setup file, and do the same as above. connect mass storage, then run the setup. thats it! o btw, forgot to mention this file is for the Voice, Help and other misc functions for garmin :P

You may also want to download Chinese Voice files, just download it, and copy them to your e:\garmin\voice directory. then change it to the voice you need by going to Tools, Settings, Voice, and scroll to the bottom, you will find Fukien, Hakka, Cantonese, Mandarin, etc... to test it, you can disable your GPS by pressing on the GPS bar on the top left, and select Disable. then go to Tools, scroll below, and Simulate Route. then click on Where To and select your Destination. Next, it will simulate the driving and moving of the map to the destination. you will hear the navigation voices at that time :P to enable back your GPS, go back to the GPS bar, click on it, and select Enable. thats it!

Note: for Tsrautostart, you can now disable it by going to Tools, Settings, System, Launch Background Service. For the first time, just go there, and click on it. then Enable, Done. then click on it again and Disable, Done. tsrautostart will not come up again to drain your battery :P yay!

Note: please follow the steps below for detailed installation...just skip the virtual key installation.

note: this installation can also be used for non touch screen symbian phones, just skip the Virtual Key installation step, and continue to the other steps... :P

note: you can also follow these steps to install it into the Windows Mobile 5 and above device. just skip the virtual key step ^_^


download this also

you will need to know how to sign application, go here

remember to sign the virtual key with the step above that i mentioned, to install it.

after installing virtual key, download the config file for virtual key here

then extract out the files above (config file) and copy them to the e:\private\e7d61da9 folder.

then run Virtual Key from the applications folder. go to Options, Load mode, then Custom mode 1. then see on top, change the tab to the next one, if it says Exclude, change it to Include by going to Options, Include. then go to Options, Add from installed, and select Garmin Mobile XT. then go back to Settings tab, and go to Options, Save As, Custom Mode 1, now press Back, to open Virtual Key in background mode.


now, run Garmin Mobile Xt from the applications folder, you can use the Green Call Button to trigger left button and Red button to trigger right button OR you can just press the button on the touch screen to go Next and Back. setup accordingly, selecting the right time, date, timezone (or where are you :P zone). then other settings such as language etc, you can leave it as default. and if you see Connect to a Garmin GPS, just select that option. and then press on Skip and Confirm that you want to skip. then Accept the Warning, and finally go to Tools (the icon with a spanar), Settings. go to the About and click on it, and if you can't go to the page below, then tilt your phone horizontally, and u will see the About button, select it. then u will see a series of numbers there, note it down somewhere. then exit Garmin Mobile Xt.

then use the file that you downloaded previously, and get the new key. copy the new alphanumeric series and put it in a NEW file called SW.UNL, then copy this file into the memory card of your phone for example e:\garmin\

then run Garmin mobile XT, then go to Tools, Settings, System, Remote GPS, Use attached built-in GPS, Enable and start your engines! vroooom....

note: the GPS service is FREE! however, if you use the Internet to assist in connection to GPS (AGPS), you will be charged i think 10cents per connection (only once everytime starting GPS).

and download Manuals for those newbies :P who wants to know more about the buttons, features and functions of garmin mobile xt!


go here for more information on downloading maps, and premade maps! just copy them to your e:\garmin memory card, thats it!

Note: to make the screen always ON and doesnt dim, when in Garmin. go to Tools, Settings, Display, and set Backlight Override to Always on. thats it.

Note: Tools, Settings, Routing and select Pedestrian to set it as walking mode

Note: to enter the coordinates for a particular place that you want to head to, go to Where to, Position, and enter the coordinates specified. then click on Next and Go!. how to get the coordinates? use google maps :P you can get them by searching for an place such as this then click on Link. and it will give you a long address. look for something like ll=3.151015,101.711555. so "3.151015,101.711555" is actually the coordinate that you need to enter into garmin


  1. Hi there,
    I'm new to all these, just have some questions.
    1. What is the virtual key used for? To get the virtual key, we need to provide IMEI, is that secure?

    2. What is garmin key used for?

    3. Are these 'ahem' thingy? :P

  2. hi ok, lemme put the answers in a simple way..
    1. virtual key is used previously to accommodate nokia 5800 users, because previous garmin mobile xt does not support nokia 5800 touch screen. so virtual key helps in emulating the Back,Next button in garmin. now there is a new one 50030 (see my post above) which supports nokia 5800 touch screen, so you can basically skip the virtual key installation. if you still want to get the virtual key though, you can use a few ways to get it. see

    some people say giving out imei is dangerous etc.. but my opinion, if you look at OPDA site, there are basically thousands if not millions of imeis there for the picking :P so go figure. or you can still pick other ways to get it, such as registering in a website which generates the signed applications for you.

    2. you will need garmin key to register your copy of garmin, because garmin is not free.. you can either purchase it or "ehemehem" it.

    3. see above..

    thanks for viewing my blog. anyway, you can email me at and ill guide you if you need any help.

  3. Yo buddy, couldn't wait for installing it :P I just got it installed yesterday night and it's working fine.. thanks :) Is there any user manual for Garmin? All I know currently is to see the map where the place I'm in :P
    May I know, can I have both the full version and lite version of the same map to be in the phone?


  4. uhm manual for garmin a, got, lemme put up a link soon.
    if you wan to see the other place, u can go to Tools, Maps, and you can touch the screen and drag along anywhere you want to go. you can also zoom in and out..

    no you cannot have both full and lite in garmin. you only can have one gmapsupp.img file

  5. OIC, thanks.
    I just found a manual for Garmin Mobile XT, 52 pages -.-


  6. So using this method I don't need to insert a MicroSD from Garmin but I can just use my own 16GB MicroSD card?

  7. yes exactly! you only need to purchase the license key from Garmin. OR you can find it elsewhere :P

  8. i downloaded everything n its working quite fine. just that wen i click POI it tels me that i "need a detailed map for it, for more information please visit", any advice?

  9. Any idea how to install garmin on N86 8MP? Phone hv 8 g internal and another 8 g micro sd, to which memory should i install?

  10. harlow, u can install onto the micro sd.

  11. hi,how to update the map?

  12. where do u want to update? on your phone? or garmin device? if for garmin device, just copy the gmappsupp.img to the \garmin directory. same goes for the phone. look for the memory card, there will be \garmin, just copy it there

  13. Hi, is the freebasemap_v4 unlocked version. Do I need to do something to use it? I see the virtual key installation but I somewhat do not understand this. I use Omnia i900.


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