Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Game: Texas Hold'em Poker

you can get Texas Hold'em Poker from here. quite nice game. with network play mode also. has a few modes: 3 Game Modes: tournament, cash game, and heads-up, and Coach/Tutorial mode.

Mobile Web Server for 5800 and s60 3rd phones

heres a nice program to try. Mobile Web Server, which you can use to access your phone through your PC. you must first register for an account here Register. enter the desired username, password, phone number (if you want to remotely start your mobile web server, using SMS), country, etc. then download the mobile web server and install it. just accept all the default settings, and enter your username (e.g. myghimh.mymobilesite.net), and password. and when asked to start, just select Yes.

Some settings you might see such as "Available for Public access" means you're letting anyone in public to access it, if they have the username and password. you can use your phone remotely using any browser and the right username and password. also, there is another setting asking to "Open Front Page" is to open up the front main page :P

then your phone will start connecting to 3G, or GPRS. after connected, your phone can be accessed using your browser! just go to for example, myghimh.mymobilesite.net, and it will ask for username and password. enter it, and you will see the screen below. you can access your photos, sms, send sms through browser, calendar, and you can even start a blog using it! try it

Avatar SMS for 5800

want to have emoticons and pictures when sending or receiving sms? now you can with Avatar SMS. install it, and run it!

NEW: Valentine plugin for Avatar SMS. download this and install AFTER you install the above

just select Yes when it asks you "the program will use these functions etc etc". then you can choose to select Yes/No when it asks you to add an event to your calender. then when it asks you whether you want to show this note again, just select No. And next it will ask whether you want to install Avatar SMS Editor. just select Yes. select OK and Continue install. then it will ask you to install Avatar SMS MTM, just select Yes again, OK and Continue. now ur ready!

when you're ready click Go, and just double click on Fitting to change your avatar. select the eyes, hair, shirt etc from the left hand side. then when done, click on Done. It will ask you whether you want to save your avatar, just select Yes, and Yes again and click on Select, and navigate to the folder you want to save your avatar. then select Save. then click on Yes to set as wallpaper or No not to :P. click on Back. then click on the Postbox on the left hand side to send SMS. you can click on the + sign picture to add emoticons :P

NOTE: after you install the valentine plugin, and found that you can't type in any message anymore, just restart your phone!

Game: Camper Strike

DJ Mixer for Symbian Phones

DJ Mixer java application for Symbian phones. nice mixer and karaoke function for phones. just load up the mp3 songs that you have in your phone memory or memory card as playlist, and begin Mixing! i tried it on my 5800, no problemo..

Changing MP3 tag/tag editor from Nokia Music Player

easy, just go to the Nokia Music Player, then go to All Songs, then go the mp3 file that you want to change, and click on it. then go to Options, Song Details. Change the Song name and also the Artist to make it show as Michael Jackson(artist) - Thriller(song name)


you can download MP3 Tag application for Windows PC. download it and run it. you will see the screen below. then just drag and drop your mp3 songs over to the application. and click on each of them, the title, artist, album cover, and other information will be shown on the left hand side of the screen. then just edit whichever information you need and Save. thats it!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Game: Desktop Virtual Pet for PC

Nice virtual pets for your desktop. you can drag it around, and drop it! can do tricks and some nice animation too. download it and install it just to try... its fun :P
Want more? give me your feedback!

Dog, run and install, accept the agreement, then click on Play. then close the big popup window, and another popup will come out. just select "Don't show this hint again". and you will see the little puppy running across your desktop screen. right click on it and see the tricks available. you can also select Always Visible, to always show the puppy on your screen.

Dino from Flinstones, run and install, accept agreement, then click on the Adopt Dino button, and it will come out to play.. then select "Never show this window again" if you see it. right click on it and select Always on Top to put it on top of all applications.

Stitch, install as usual, click on Play to start. close the huge window, and select "Never show this window again", then right click on stitch and click on Always on Top.

Xmen 2, install as above, and run it the same way as above.

Hello Kitty, just run it, right click and click the second link to exit.

Doraemon, install it, select the left button if you're unsure what is it :P to exit, right click on the Dorayaki icon on the taskbar, and select the last link (with Ctrl+Q) thing..

Another dog
, just extract and run. to exit, right click, and select the right button.

Sheep, same as above. to exit, double click on it, and select remove

Cat, same as above. to exit, right click, and Close.

Friday, March 27, 2009

How to view flash in your Windows Mobile device

you can use the flash player below. try the first one, if it doesnt work, install the second link. to install, extract them out, and copy them to your memory card. then navigate using File Explorer to the file, and double click on it.

Download Flash Player 7 for Pocket PC Installer


Flash Lite 2.1 Standalone Player for Windows Mobile 5.0 Devices

Game: Moolan for 5800 and other s60 3rd edition phones

Moolan, now a game that uses accelerometer for playing! wow... when i first played it, its fun, but it gets harder each time you level :(

anyway you need to navigate your little shuttle on the little plane (board at the bottom) by moving your phone left right. there are also other navigation such as shaking the phone to refuel, slow down your shuttle by touching the proximity sensor (5800, on the top right side of phone, beside the front camera).

see the screen below :P

Enabling Slide Show for your 5800 Wallpaper

heres how, go to Menu, Settings, Personal, Themes, Wallpaper, and select Slide Show, then select Images, and select the images you want to be displayed as wallpaper. if you want to change the duration of the transition between each slide, change the Change Interval value to the time you need. thats it! try it

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barcode Reader for 5800

download your barcode reader from here! quite nice, after installation, it will startup by itself, and you will see a little camera box.. see below for screen.

how i used to read the 1D barcode (the long one with lotsa bars) is firstly, i went to Options, then 2D/1D, then i selected 1D. then a smaller camera box will appear. then just hover over the barcode (make sure the barcode is in the middle), and click and hold on the camera button to focus (once you get a nice image, let go), and wait till it reads successfuly the barcode. then it will popup a message asking whether you wan to go to the site using the barcode you read. if you select yes, it will open up the site with the barcode, or if you choose no, it will copy the code into clipboard, which you can copy to your Notes (Menu, Applications, Notes) program in your phone.

for 2D barcodes, leave the settings as it is, then just place the barcode picture WITHIN the yellow box, right in the middle of the screen. it will capture it and does the same thing as above. it will display out the text that is captured, and there is an option to Copy the text to clipboard. Click on Camera to go back to the capturing screen.

below are two examples of barcode for your testing...

2D barcode, which will redirect you to the nokia browser, and head you to a website :P check it out to see which website it goes to!

1D barcode, which will give you a series of numbers as a result, and copy it to the clipboard.

DVDx DVD Ripper/Converter

you can use DVDx to convert or rip DVD into any format that you like. formats that are supported: VCD, SVCD, DivX, AVI or WMV.

to convert, go to File, Open DVD Root, and select your DVD drive, then navigate into the DVD root, called VIDEO_TS. and it will open the DVD movie listing by itself. another popup with some file names *.IFO will appear, just select the first one. sometimes, it will popup with frame rate error, etc, just press on OK. (note: if the DVD movie contains several movies/chapters, you will need to repeat the same steps for each of the IFO title listing after each conversion/ripping).

then it will also popup the Input Settings, just accept the default settings and press OK. the movie will load, then go to Settings, Output Settings. you can follow the output settings i attached below for an example of what you can convert your DVD into (or accept the default settings). just remember to select Whole (you may also choose to ignore this setting because most of the time it will select the whole DVD by itself, this is just a safety measure :P ) when you see the button somewhere in the middle to convert the whole DVD, or it will only convert part of the DVD only...press OK to confirm.

finally, just click on the Convert/Record button at the bottom right of the screen. it will start ripping the DVD, just wait till its finished, and your file will be located at C:\Program Files\DVDx.

Missing emails in Thunderbird!!!

there was once, i got this error "Inbox.msf has something something build something something error". then i restarted thunderbird, and pooof, more than 80% of my emails were missing. crap?

well the first thing i thought of was, probably its just the build index summary listing thingy. so i right click on Inbox, then went to Properties. then i clicked on Rebuild Index, it would take some time if you have lotsa mails, but after finishing rebuilding the email list, poof! all my emails came back :P hope this helps some people who got the same problem as me :P

Garmin Mobile XT Crashing?

sometimes it will crash or hang, and you might need to press the white button (menu button on 5800) to minimize garmin. sometimes it may just be slow, or lagging, so you can also wait it out.. and sometimes you just can't wait, so you just remove the battery to restart the phone.

well, ive had those symptoms of hanging and lagging before. so ill just list down what i checked in order to "fix" the problem.

firstly, try to use the lite version of malaysia/singapore maps. the one named MFMv151 usually is big, and packed with lotsa stuff, so it tends to hang, especially when loading/browsing the map. so i would recommend download the lite version, and replace it with your normal gmappsupp.img file generated from e.g. MFMv150.exe file. make sure you make a backup before attempting to replace the file..

disable turn preview, by going to Tools, Settings, Routing, Turn Preview and set it to Disabled.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Extreme Pet Dog Makeover

some will make you LOL...

Skype for Windows Mobile

heres a nice program for those people out there looking for Skype Chat program for their windows mobile/Pocket PC. supports skype messaging (duh!), skype calling (if you have microphone and webcam, you can use this for conferencing, etc), and if you have skype credits, you can use it to call mobile phones, or land lines!

SMS Timer for 5800

heres an application where you can schedule your SMS blast. you can choose multiple recipients, enter text and then send your sms at your specified time. useful when you need to send to recipients at a specific time such as during birthdays, different time zone recipients, and reminders :P download SMS Timer here.

Game: Brain Tester 24 Pack

touch screen game! consisting of multiple puzzles to be solved! just something to pass time :P has 24 games in memory, logic kinda tests. Brain tester 24 pack. just download and install it by copying it to your memory card. then navigate using File manager and double click the file to install.

Game: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

i dunno how to review this game, its the usual shoot em up flying navigate kill monster boss thingy game. quite nice graphics though. you can play the game through HAWX

click on Play Game to start!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ebook Reader for 5800

Touch screen, auto rotating ebook reader called TequilaCat. download it and try. displays pictures, able to auto scroll, fully controllable navigation, and very user friendly. you can also change the fonts, display colors, etc! i tried it with the ebook in TXT format. looks good :P

I attach 2 ebooks here for you guys to try out. if you guys want more, you can request them, by commenting below, or putting a feedback using the link on the top right corner.

note: you can disable the keypad using instructions from here to make it full screen.

20-000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea and The-Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn

Monday, March 23, 2009

Unlocker to unlock those locked applications

download Unlocker if you are having problems or errors such as unable to remove your thumb drive, external hard disk, or unable to delete or move files. this program will list down the culprits which are causing it, so you can either remove the culprits, release/disband the culprits causing the problem, or killing processes to release your drive or files. there are also options to move/delete the files which cannot be deleted previously. see the screen shots for more info.

Vote Earth! Earth Hour 2009

Earth Hour will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 at 8:30 pm, local time in Malaysia!

so what you need to do? just turn off your lights and unused/unnecessary electrical appliances such as radio, TV, or anything you don't really need for 1 hour (60 minutes)! no need turn off your whole electricity :P turn it off for 1 hour starting from 8.30pm to show that you care for your environment and your one and only earth :P think of all those electricity you can save!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Nokia Menu Lagging? or slow to load?

it could be because you have installed too many games or applications. so to clear up the air, just organize them into folders, so it would take shorter time to load. to organize the icons into folders, just go to Menu, Options, Organize. then click on New folder to create a new folder. then start dragging and dropping the icons into their respective folders (or click on Move to folder and select the folder to move to). then click on Done to confirm the changes.

Sony Erricsson - White screen of death, Updating Sony Erricsson phone

what happened to my phone?!??!? when starting up/powering up, it just shows a white screen...

don't be afraid, theres an easy solution for it... firmware update. download MyPhone Explorer, and connect your phone. Install it as usual, and run MyPhone Explorer. then Save your contents of your phone to a directory to backup your contents. Then you can also download and install Sony Erricsson PC Suite and use this as the second backup solution. run it and Backup your contents to your PC by synching to your PC. When you need to restore, just use MyPhone Explorer to restore. why i listed down 2 methods to backup is because Sony Erricsson PC Suite doesn't backup ALL the contents, but MyPhone Explorer does. So PC Suite is a backup solution to the Backup Solution :P

anyway, download and install the updater service and run it (of course while your phone is connected). Make sure you backup first as mentioned above :P... after the backup, restart your phone, and you're done! your phone should be back to normal!

Game: Boomblox for 5800

BoomBlox is a nice puzzle game for 5800 or other symbian phone. supports touch screen :P full screen also! just touch and hold, then let go to shoot cannon balls to knock down the boxes. double click to select on the menu. try it! you can download it from Google.

For any questions or comments, email me using this form Banner_signup_now_bttn_blue version 1