Saturday, February 21, 2009

Make money for real. Don't think it works?

well, this is an easy way to make some USD by just leaving ur PC on. i have used this thing since few months ago, and i got around 30USD. i got it by just running a program which you can download here then get a paypal account if you don't have one. then finally just get an account by clicking the banner below (put me as referrer :P, my username is alllife), or click here if you can't see the picture. then install the program, and let it run. you have to be patient, as you will first need to have your account active. leave it for a month or so, and ur account will be active. after your account is activated, you may begin getting $$$ deposited into your paypal account (for example mine is paypal)... btw, you can install as into as many machines as you want, as that may increase the $$$ flowing..then after getting more than USD4, the $$$ will be deposited into your paypal account, as simple as that!

see screen below for proof of payment :P


  1. helo...
    can u help me to install gps for my nokia 5800?

  2. hi you can email me at, ill guide you

  3. or you can try my blog here:


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