Monday, February 23, 2009

Help save the battery!

hmm, i think im gonna write some tips that i use, to squeeze every juice that the battery has to last 3 days or more. thats my average life of my nokia 5800 for every charge. well here goes nothing!

- for touch screen phone such as 5800, go to Settings, Personal Settings, Profiles, General, then click on General and go to Personalise, OR go to Options, Personalise, and set Touch screen vibration, Touch screen tones, Key Tones, to Off...

- use the lowest brightness (i know some people may not like this, because it lowers the visibility under the sun). go to Settings, Phone, Display then slide the light sensor to the left most to get the lowest brightness. i have to say this is what i use, but you can have the middle way by sliding it to the middle.

- put the light time out to a lower setting, for example 5-10seconds. this may apply for people who almost never lock their phone or screen after using it. by doing this, u can save quite a bit as the display will turn off thus saving some battery juice. you can do it from the same place above, at the Light Time out setting. btw, 5800 has the proximity sensor, so when you make a call or receive call, the light will turn off when you bring it near ur ear :P so try to leave that setting enabled...

- turn off Bluetooth. well im sure you have heard this thousands of times, but turning off the bluetooth will really help... touch the top right of the screen, and you will see the connectivity page. just turn the bluetooth off when not using.

- use GSM only network mode. this will apply for people who does not use 3G or UMTS or don't have unlimited data service :P. click on the top right screen for the connectivity page, and go to Network. then under the Network mode, select GSM.

- under the same page above, you can also set the Operator Selection to Manual so that the phone doesn't keep searching for the home network, thus draining the battery if you are under low signal area.

- update to v20! but unfortunately this cannot happen for now, as Nokia has recalled the new v20 firmware after a few days. honestly, i noticed that there is 100% improvement over v11 when it comes to battery life. on v20, i can get double or triple the life compared to v11..

- uhm, i know some of the people like to drain the battery till finish then charge. but this is not the case with the new 5800 or any lithium based battery in any case. you can start charging when the battery bar is at half range also. if you keep discharging you phone, it will not be good for the battery as it will strain it... anyway, it is recommended to discharge it maybe once every 30 charges.

- terminate all applications at startup, using KillMe as described in my blog. then start one by one again, whichever applications which are important to you. Also remember to terminate TSRAutorestart whenever it appears... as also described in my blog.
- there are more, i will think of it later :P

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