Friday, February 20, 2009

Latest maps for Singapore and Malaysia

updated 13 May 2009

updated: 20 April 2009

note: these maps works with Garmin devices and Garmin Mobile XT, tested on Garmin Nuvi 200 and Mobile XT v 5.
note: for nuvi devices, just copy the .img file that you generated into your sd card e:\garmin\ thats it!

so you got your garmin working already, wad else do you need :P maps of course! so download your maps dated 30 March 2009 from here MFMv157.exe and of course the POIs (the speed trap, red light, etc please download this.. MFM-CPOIv1.12.exe

another note, they also have the topography kind of map, which you can download from here.

now after download just install them, connect your phone as mass storage, and run the setup program. just choose the default options will be sufficient ^_^
OR follow below for steps to install the maps
- execute the file, agree with the agreement
- install to the default location
- select Original Roads
- Install
- when asked to generate gmapsupp.img click Yes
- select Full, and Road POI checkbox and click on Generate
- then when asked to copy file to phone click on Yes and select the memory card \garmin\ folder
- thats it...
same procedure goes for the topography maps...


if you prefer to extract them out to your PC first, just select No as the option when it asks you to install into phone, then copy the files to the memory card \garmin\ folder or \garmin\POI\ for the poi...

OR... the easiest, just download this file(malaysia and singapore maps), extract and copy to e:\garmin\ directory. e= ur memory card...

and download this also...for your base maps, for other countries.. and extract and copy to e:\garmin

and download this for the voice files and extract and copy to e:\garmin\voice

and download this for the vehicles icon (i have a lot of them, thats why its quite big) and extract and copy to e:\garmin\vehicle

and download this for the POI set (where you can see from Tools, Manage my data), just extract and copy to e:\garmin\POI


looky here for maps to other countries!

looky here for a preview of the maps..


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