Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Expired Certificate? Signing Nokia Apps many solutions to try :P

Problem with Expired Certificate Error or any certificate error?

well, there are few ways...but if you just need to install some apps... you could first try to do this...go to Dial Pad and key in *#7370#(WARNING: BACKUP YOUR DATA before attempting this)
this should enable you to install some apps at the beginning, however, it won't be permanent.before you do the above, please backup your data first using my instructions from

NEW!!! OPDA has changed their certificate application procedure, just follow the steps below to grab em:
- go and register for an account. click on the Register link, then scroll all the way below, and wait for the timer. click on the left button once its clickable. then click on the first text box, and the verification code will appear. enter exactly, and go to the second box. enter another verification number. the third one is for username, fourth and fifth is for Password and Verify Password. enter email in the sixth box, and click on the button to submit. it will create the user etc, and then go OPDA site
- then enter your imei into the first box
- enter any number into the second box, but put 13,15 or 18 in front, e,g, 13123456789 2 digits in front + (9 digits your choice)=11 digits altogether (PLEASE REMEMBER THIS NUMBER). click on Submit (the button below it), the page will redirect to another page with numbers etc. Note it down! date, etc...
- then after a few hours, go back to the OPDA site, and see the Calendar like page below. find the date that you requested, and select English User if you are, or Chinese User if you are. then click on the number to go to the link. find whether your IMEI is there, if it is, download the zip file included there, for e.g. (9.53 KB) . then extract it somewhere....

OR, after a few hours...

download your cert after the next day by going here, there will be a download link at the end of the column. click on it to download. there will be 2 links, cer and key, download both of them and save it somewhere.....

then download these 2 files DragSign and Plugin Setup. after downloading, extract all the files in a folder somewhere. first, install the Plugin Setup.exe. then run the DragSign and put in the right values according to the screen below. the AnimSprite.sis is just an example of application to be signed.

- after getting the cert download this -->
or from here the same file if the above link is dead
then set the settings correctly with the .cer, .key and .sis file. then click on SignSis! and thats it!
OR u can use the symbian sign sis, just install into ur phone, and import ur certificate, then sign it! thats it

another way...
i tried this also, before opda, also can...the tutorial--->
- to cut short, go here, and register...
- register a user there, submit the imei, then wait one day.
- login again and upload ur sis file, and they will generate a signed app for u.. download it and thats it

another way...
- go to
- put in ur imei and type in the captcha code..
- then wait 1 day for them to generate your certificate file
- next day, put in the imei again, and the code, it will show u a button to download ur cert.. download it and....
- click on the symbian button, which will link to an application to sign the apps. download it and install it. then run it. import the certificate u downloaded previously, and open up the app that you need to sign. then click on Sign and thats it! u can install the app from the phone after that.

i tried this way....see below
well i decided to add another way of signing apps from a website. go here OpenSigned
then put your imei, email address, and upload the application. Select all the capabilities, and type in the captcha code. then click on Send. after completed, it will come out with this message:


Your .sis file was uploaded successfully.

A confirmation email will be sent to you which contains a web link. You need to open the web link to complete the confirmation.

Following this confirmation your file will be processed and a download link will be sent in an email to the address you provided.


so what do you do? check your email of course! then click on the confirmation link, which will then show you this...



Your application KillMe.v1.30.S60v3.SymbianOS9.Unsigned.Freeware.sis signing request has been submitted successfully.

When your application has been signed and an email will be sent to you containing a web link. Go to this web link to download your signed sis file.


Well after a few minutes, another email will follow, which will contain the download link to your application.. then what do you do? Download it of course! well done, you now have a signed app in your hand ^_^


  1. I can't believe one has to go trough all this with Nokia 5800. I like the phone, but this Expire Certificate issue is stupid.

    BTW: thanks for your hints and help


  2. hehehe, there are a few ways around it :P just try!

  3. thnx i tried the first method and it worked like charm yaaay now i got marble maze xD

  4. I tried the opensigned way but as i pressed send, it just kept loading and loading. how long do i need to wait?

    and if possible can help me sign this application xdanceryv1.30 imei355225037559204


  5. u can try to refresh it, it happens sometimes..


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