Friday, February 27, 2009

Identifying your memory, mainboard and CPU

use this... just run and execute! cpu-z

check it out! you can see all the information about ur memory, CPU, motherboard, so its easier for you to know what type of parts that you need, maybe for replacement?

Watching TV from Internet

How you ask? use this : PPlive download and setup. i tried this before, they have many channels, ranging from chinese to english movies, documentary, drama, cartoon, and MTV, etc... just too many to name. anyway, the list of channels are on the right hand side. its quite nice once the movie starts loading, just wait for it to buffer, and load, then it will play smoothly all the way. i used to watch Stephen Chow movie from here over and over again :P it has lotsa his movies.

Random Puzzle

The Puzzle: Using the numerals 1,7,7,7 and 7 (a "1" and four "7"s) create the number 100.

As well as the five numerals you can use the usual mathematical operations (+, -, x, ÷ and brackets ().

For example: (7+1) × (7+7) = 112 would be a good attempt, but not right, because it is not 100.
Example 71+7+7+7=92
Example 7*7=49*1=50+ (7*7)=99

Capturing your phone screen

This is a freeware, and you can download it from here ScreenSnap. See below for the screen capture. I also used this program to capture the google maps screen which can be seen from my blog. Its quite easy, just install and run it. also remember to change it according to the settings below. you can change the Save to memory card instead of phone memory. the other settings, you can just leave it as default. whenever you need to capture a screen on your phone, just press the camera button, thats it. it will be saved into your e:\images\screensnap directory (your memory card).


another program called Screenshot for s60 3rd edition phones, n95, etc... does the same thing, has shortcut key for taking screenshots, and quite similar with above.

The following pictures shows the shortcut that you use to capture screenshots. There are several shortcuts that are supported by Screenshot for Symbian OS (S60). The default one is +. The key is sometimes called key or key. The key is the center of your joystick.

Google Maps on 5800

download it from here Google Maps, and run it from Applications, Google Maps

then run and install it into your phone. you will notice nice pics, maps, and all. you can also get Directions to a place from your current/other place by going to Options, Get Directions, then select the Start Point(e.g. your current location), and then selecting the End Point (e.g. your previous location search). then click on Show Directions. it will then give you a step by step details on how to get to the place. e.g. turn right at.. XXX road - 0.1km , turn left at the intersection XXX- 0.5km, etc. you can also show the directions on map by clicking on See on map. Note: there is no sound navigation from Google Maps! if you need sound/voice navigation get Garmin and install it according to my installation instructions in my blog.

New: There is a function called Google Latitude, if you install the copy of google maps above. Just accept the agreement, Accept/Enable Latitude, and then go to Options, Join Latitude. then login or create a new Google account. after login, there will be a picture of your google account profile that you set previously on the map. that indicates your current location. so what this function does is it can show you all your friends location (if they allow their location to be shown, which you can also set to show a specific location, your current location or disable showing your location). Just click on Add Friends and follow the instructions, which is quite simple.. OR add your friends into your Google Account through your PC web browser if its easier and faster. just login through Latitude, and add your friends from your contact, or using their email, its that easy! if your friends has it enabled, you will be able to see/track them on the map! muahahahaha



Why o why does windows need to automatically restart after an update

there is a way to disable the windows update from automatically restarting your PC. here are the

For Windows XP Pro
go to Start, Run then type in gpedit.msc and press enter. then go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Template, Windows component, Windows Update, and find No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Updates installations then double click on it. select Enabled. and thats it! close the window.

For Windows XP Home
go to Start, Run then type in regedit, and press Enter. then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Policies \Microsoft\Windows \WindowsUpdate\AU. after that find this NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUsers value, by double clicking on it, and changing the new value to 1. thats it! close the window.

Note: there is also a way to stop Windows from keep asking you whether you want to restart your PC after an update. just go to Start, Run, then type in sc stop wuauserv. and press Enter. thats it! then after that just reboot according to your convinience.

OR, just disable automatic updates to totally disable the restart :P but unfortunately this way, you wouldnt get any prompt to update your Windows if theres any new Windows... aww....

How to reset Windows Mobile devices

tip tip!

It depends on ur device, some can be done using Settings, System, Clear Storage (or look for Clear Storage/Empty Storage in Settings page. It will remove everything! so beware and backup/synchronize using Active Sync.

Note: I have made mistakes myself with Active Sync which totally deleted my backup after i resynched it without checking the settings.. so, i would recommend another different software which you could use to backup and restore your phone settings, contacts, files, messages, etc.

and they are:
- Data Backup. which is a simple software, which has backup and restore tabs, just select the default settings, and run it!

- Data Backup 3.1, also same as above :P try it!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Installing unsigned applications on your Windows Mobile device

easy.. download these 2 files:


then copy the files above to ur phone (the phone memory not the memory card). run the and extract it, then run the cab file. click on Done

then run the regedit file that you copied previously, and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Security\Policies\Policies and then click on Values. select 00001001 then change the value from 2 to 1, and Done. then go to 00001005 and change the value from 16 to 40 and Done. then finally go to 00001017 and change the value to 144, and click on Done.

thats it! just restart your phone, or On/Off, and its done!

Disabling laptop touch pad when mouse is connected

Im sure many of you have this problem. you're typing smoothly for few minutes and suddenly, poof, your cursor went to another place and your typing is interrupted. well its because you could have accidentally touched your mouse touch pad, which then triggered your mouse cursor to run amok.... to disable it, follow these steps. please make note that the settings are different from each latop brand. anyway, if one doesnt work, move on to the second step :P

- go to Control Panel, then go to your Mouse settings, then go through all the tabs, it will have an option something like Disable touch pad when a mouse is connected. Look for that option and tick on it, if not ticked.

- press Fn key+ F7 to disable touch pad directly

- go to Control Panel, and go to Mouse settings, then find an option to display the tray icon on the tray bar. After succesfully enabled the tray icon, check the tray icon for options like Use touchpad and PS/2 USB mouse. then click on it to disable. you will then notice the tray icon bar of your touch pad has an X on it... it works!

Connecting to mac filter enabled wifi router

So you want to connect to your wifi router which has mac address filtering enabled? having problems because you do not know your mac address of your phone? easy, just go to your dial pad, and press *#62209526#, it will then display directly your WLAN MAC address.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Java programs not having sound? look here!

make sure you set your sound profile to General. usually the Meeting and Silent profile will not have sound even when you enable sound in your java games. and if that fails, just go Settings, Personal, Profiles, General, Personalise, and set warning tones to ON.

N95 GPS problem solved! and how to backup!!

im sure most of you guys will have GPS lock problem with your N95 after some time huh... well here are some things you can try to fix the problem and they are:

- make sure you update the firmware. use the Nokia Software Updater. install the software, and after install, connect your phone to it. then run the program. the phone will prompt you a menu asking what mode you would like to connect as, just select PC Suite mode, and then let the updater detect your phone, and follow the instructions to update the firmware of your phone.
WARNING: you will lose all the contents of the phone (not including memory card, it will be intact). You will also lose all the contacts, SMS, settings, etc in the phone itself. So make sure you backup using the Nokia PC Suite.

How to backup:
- install Nokia PC Suite, then connect your phone. your phone will prompt few menu, such as PC Suite, Mass Storage, Media Transfer, etc. just select PC Suite. If this is the first time you connect to PC Suite, it will ask you to install a new software into your phone. so just follow it, and go to PC Suite, then go to Help, then go to Reinstall PC Suite support. this will update your PC Suite version in your phone ^_^, so in your phone, just accept the installation defaults. and let it install...
- then go to Backup (the first icon which looks like a vault)
- then click on Backup (the first icon which looks like a vault)
- then accept the default settings, e.g. the checkboxes. if you want to backup your whole memory card, then just check the User files from a memory card.
- then click on next, and accept the default filename and click on Next.
- then wait (around 15 or more......minutes) ! until its complete and press on the Tick/OK once done.
Note: this works with most of the Nokia phones.

- try this, go to Tools, GPS Data, Navigation. then go to Options and select Satellite Status. wait for a while, and you should be seeing some bars moving up and down... which means its getting the GPS lock! hooray!

- go to Tools, Settings, Connection, Packet Data, and select When needed for Packet Data Connection.

- always remember to flip up the phone, when using GPS, its because the GPS is somewhere near the keypad below... somewhere...

- for 5800, go to Settings, Phone, Application sett., Positioning, Positioning Methods, and make sure Assisted GPS, Integrated GPS is selected. if not, click on it to select. then check Positioning Server and make sure your default Access Point is select with ur Internet Provider. e.g. Maxis 3G Internet

- for N95 or other nokia phones with GPS go to Settings, General, and Positioning. Make sure the same settings above are followed.

Note that everytime you use AGPS, it will cost u RM 0.10 cents! each time u use AGPS that is.. if you disable AGPS or Assisted GPS, it will only use the GPS, which is FREE, but sometimes it would be longer if not under clear skies or surrounding. you can use the below way to confirm this :P

- you turn off Assisted GPS
- go garmin and wait.
- then u press the menu key(the white key) and it will minimize Garmin. you will see that your 3G or 3.5G symbol is normal (the big letter). DO not exit garmin yet.
- then you turn on Assisted GPS
- you will see connection starting means the 3G or 3.5G symbol will become small letter (means its connecting)
- then you go back to garmin, and you will notice faster GPS lock.

Garage Sales!! Please do have a look!

here any all my crap that i want to get rid/sell off :P please let me know if you wanna buy em, i can post or COD in Klang Valley! thanks!

Note: I will be adding more later...

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