Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Latest Garmin maps for other countries!

i just want to list down all the tested maps that i have for other countries! do check back for more!
to install, just extract the files, and copy the .img file to your e:\garmin and rename them to gmapsupp.img

note: some may not be so updated :P

Hong Kong

Japan part 1
Japan part 2
Japan part 3
Japan part 4
Japan part 5
Japan part 6 (extract this out first)
Japan part 7 (extract out this too)
Japan part 8 (extract)
Japan part 9 (extract)
Japan part 10 (extract)
Japan final part (extract)

Malaysia and Singapore

Asia Pacific Maps Part 1, Asia Pacific Part 2, Asia Pacific Final Part which includes:
NEW! APAC 3.0 (17 March 2009)
- FULL Garmin CN Thailand TSM 8.1
- FULL Garmin CN SG/Mal 3.0
- FULL Garmin HongKong Macau v7 (New)
- FULL Garmin CN Australia 2009 NT
- FULL Garmin CN New Zealand 2009 NT
- FULL Philippines Map (Added)
- FULL Garmin CN Indonesia NT 4.0 (New)

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