Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mobbler Radio for 5800

heres another radio program for S60 nokia phones. download it and install to listen to radio programs and songs.. mobbler is something like tuninFM.but tuninFM has more radio stations to listen from.. hmmm...

Food Glorious Food! from Macau!

all taken from 5800

Friday, April 24, 2009

Nokia Messaging (Email)

now heres an interface from Nokia that eases email functions... it makes the email interface, SMS like. so you can send/receive, and reply using SMS like features. download Nokia Messaging and try :P


If you are in a country listed below where Nokia Messaging is enabled, simply install the .sis file and follow the on device setup instructions to configure your personal email account(s).

  • Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela

Otherwise, you will need these additional instructions to complete the setup:

  • Install the .sis file, and when the email setup screen appears, stop there
  • From your PC, go to
  • If you already have a Nokia Messaging account
    1. Select "Log in"
    2. Enter your primary email address and password
    3. Select "Install now"
    4. Enter your phone number, select any device, then select "Next"
  • If you do not have a Nokia Messaging Account account
    1. Select "Sign up"
    2. Select any device and complete the simple 3 step signup process
  • Wait for the SMS to arrive on your device.
  • Select "Start", enter your password, and log in


  • The message list optimizes its view depending on whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode. It shows a preview of the beginning of each email. The preview enlarges when you select an email. Scroll by just dragging the message list, or scroll even faster using the bar on the right. Optional date dividers help separate different days’ emails; tap on one to collapse and expand it, or long-tap to collapse/expand all of them.
  • In the message list, you can tap controls at the top to change mailboxes, change folders, or to re-sort the message list by any of seven different fields.
  • A function bar at the bottom of the window (on the side, in landscape mode) offers the most common commands with a tap. The message list has a multi-select option, so your commands can apply to several emails at once.
  • In an open message, the message header expands and collapses with a single tap. Forward and backward arrows there help you move quickly through your inbox. A “select text” mode makes it easy to copy and paste. Any email you receive from a contact whose picture you have, is easy to see quickly, as their picture appears in the email header!
  • A long touch on many of the selectable areas of the client, such as an email sender or recipient, a URL, or a message in the list view, brings up a context-sensitive menu with options appropriate to the selection, such as Call Sender or Mark Unread.
  • When you compose an email, a quick tap on the To button launches the contacts list, so you can quickly address an email. Or type a few letters, and the client will display matches from your contacts and recent correspondents. Add Cc or Bcc lines to your email by tapping those buttons at the top; they are normally hidden if you don’t need them. If you have more than one mailbox, you can choose which of your mailboxes to send from with another button at the top. Input text into an email using any of your device’s text input mechanisms, from hard keyboards to on-screen keyboards to handwriting recognition.

Garmin Nuvi Bluetooth features

i have tried the bluetooth features for Garmin Nuvi GPS model 310. comes with Brazil and Malaysia/Singapore maps.

when i first tried to get GPS lock, it took a few mins. after that, GPS lock has been a breeze. i can get it within 30 seconds!

im sure you all know the basic functions of the garmin nuvi, for GPS. it has all the same old features such as searching for an address, coordinates, POI based searching, etc :P

this model also comes with Audible book player, which can speak the story book, if you have them. also comes with calculator, currency converter, language translator, and also MP3 player!!! wowza!

so how do you play your mp3? just connect your nuvi to your PC. the Nuvi memory, and the memory card (if available) will popup. copy them to your memory card, and then disconnect your nuvi properly (by safely removing the device). then go to the Travel Kit, and MP3 player, and click on the library! and play :P

next, the bluetooth feature. i played with it, and found its very cool, and interesting feature to have. why? because you can almost use the Nuvi as your phone... to connect your phone to the Nuvi, just turn on your Phone bluetooth (make sure its Visible to others), and search for audio enhancement (or device). it will list out the nuvi as nuvi_XXXXXX. select that, and it will prompt the pin code on the Nuvi(which will be 1234). enter the pin code in your phone, and select connect automatically (allow device to connect automatically) to ensure it connects automatically when you enter your car (provided your Nuvi is turned on when your car starts, which will require you to connect your Nuvi to the car charger port).

you can call/receive call, voice dial, send/receive SMS all from the Nuvi itself (of course connected to the Phone through bluetooth). also, if you go to the Phone book, or SMS section, it will list all the contacts and SMS that are available in your phone. pretty neat huh :P

so to call, just click on the contact, and Dial! you can see some screens of the bluetooth features below.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nokia Music Player bug?

sometimes i noticed that when you connect your USB and your headphones together into the phone, while connected to the PC, the Nokia Music Player tends to mute the volume at the end of the song. so the next song will have no sound.... you will need to decrease the volume, then increase the volume to have sound again.. weird...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freeware PDF Editor/Creator

im sure you guys always wanted a free PDF editor. well now you have it!

FreePDFEditor, which can create PFE files, which you can then use to create PDF files (Go to File, Create PDF). you can also edit them later by opening the PFE files that you created.

when you download the file, you will notice theres only one file! yes, you only require this one file to create, edit and open PFE or PDF files. no installation needed, just run!

Temporary Email accounts for SPAM and Registration

wanted to register for something, but don't trust the site? don't want new spam coming into your mail? wanted to test a product but don't want to reveal your details? want to be secretive? :P

well you can use below services to generate an email account for you on the fly. and it will be deleted within a certain time period. so now you can register any crappy website that you want without worrying about spam :P just enter a crappy username, and generate, then it will load the inbox, so you can just refresh the inbox manually or automatically to check for new mail. note that this will be insecure mail inbox (which means other ppl can snoop into it), so beware and don't enter any personal details in there!!! WARNING!








Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nokia PC Suite MTP Driver Problem

sometimes after you upgrade your Nokia PC Suite, you get a prompt asking you to install MTP driver... hmmm.. whats that? its supposed to be some kind of driver coming from Windows Media Player. so if you're using and older version of Windows Media Player (e.g. older than version 10), you will face this problem. how to fix it? there are a few ways to try.

go to Windows Update (from Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Windows Update), and download and install Windows Media Player 11. then plugin your phone again, and the MTP driver will be installed!


download and install Windows Media Player if you are lazy to update your windows. then plugin your phone and retry!


uninstall Nokia PC Suite from Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. then run Nokia PC Suite Cleaner to ensure everything about PC Suite is removed. then rerun Nokia PC Suite setup again. wala! no more problem :P

Post It Notes Freeware

i have been using this software for quite some time. so time to introduce it to you guys :P good for reminders, things to do, and little notes. also good for remembering reservation no for your cinema :P and restaurant.

its very easy to use. install it, and a little post it icon will be appearing on your task bar on your bottom right hand side screen. right click to see the options available. to show all the current post its on your desktop, click on Show All Desktop Notes.

then left click on the icon to add new notes. just type whatever things you like (you can also copy paste into the notes from other programs such as Word, Excel, etc). and then click elsewhere. it will save by itself automatically. don't worry about losing it after you restart or shutdown your PC because it will be SAVED automatically!

you can also set schedules or alarms to remind you of a particular note. pretty cool huh! with audible sound also! just click on the little white button on the Note itself (top left hand side), and go to Note Properties. then from there, you can set whether to show it in front of your desktop always, show Image with links, and alarms.

never forget anything again!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Increase Traffic Speed and Shaping your Traffic

heres how to do it! use CfosSpeed. its a program to do traffic shaping using your existing Internet connection so you can achieve higher download and upload speed. you can use it if your torrent activities are too slow :P for example, if you're using a lot of limewire, kazaa, utorrent, azureus, then you really should be getting this... max out your bandwidth!
also, can be used to speed up streaming video/VOIP and also Games!!

- Broadband: Cabel and DSL
- Narrow band: Modem and ISDN

what do you need to install it?
- Windows XP / Windows Vista, but also Windows 2000 32bit / 64bit (x64)
- existing Internet connection

Game: Reversi in Java

classic Reversi game for you all! Use the arrow keys to move the cursor and the fire key to select the piece. extract and install the jar from memory card

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fax from your PC!

download and install Classic Phone Tools if you have a modem with fax capabilities and don't want to spend hundreds on an independent fax machine. after installing it will ask you your information that you would like to appear on the sent fax. enter accordingly and you will see the screens below. you can send fax, receive fax, use as answering machine, voice mail management and email all in the simple to use interface. i've tried it and found its so easy to use, and most of the functions has wizards to help you get the job done. don't worry about your modem not able to work with it, as it supports many types of modems.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Peer Guardian for protecting surfing activities

now heres a nice program to protect yourself from sniffers trying to see what you're doing behind those torrenting activities, and of course protect your privacy! :P use Peer Guardian to block all those incoming and outgoing connections, which could expose your surfing, downloading and torrenting activities.

Opening DVD/CD Image Files

have you ever wondered what are the huge files in ISO, NDS, BIN, CUE, NRG, IMG, CDI, CSO extension for? those are files that are called disc images. you can use them to burn the image of the CD/DVD into an optical disc such as DVD or CD. usually when you download huge "games" from the Internet, it will be provided/distributed in those formats mentioned above. so you will have to burn them accordingly into discs. so how do we get around this without having few hundred spare discs lying around :P

use Daemon Tools. its a nice product that lets you run the CD/DVD image on the fly. this means that you don't need to burn it onto a disc for running it (waste of time :( ). using it, you can just run the image file, and load them immediately for viewing, executing, or installing games/videos.

download it and install it. then an icon with a thunder thingy will appear on the taskbar on the right. right click on it and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, E:\ (for example), Mount Image. then select the image file that you have, and thats it! wait for a few seconds for it to load, and if there is a startup screen, it will appear automatically! just like burning into a CD!!! wow!

you can load up to 4 images at a time, and it supports many types of disc images, so give it a try!

Brontok Removal Tools

here are some removal tools for Brontok variants incase you get infected. the common symptoms would be:
- you can't surf to any anti virus site such as kaspersky, sophos, bitdefender, norton, etc
- you can't use regedit, task manager
- you can't boot into safe mode (it crashes)
- you can't turn on your anti virus
- you notice a lot of new files with random numbers in c:\windows
- your PC becomes slow and lags!
- you can't install or uninstall some popular anti virus..

so here they are for you to try and remove! extract them out, and burn them into a CD in a CLEAN PC environment. then just run it!
note: you can also install the latest update from Microsoft Windows Site (find the Malicious Removal Tool), and install it.. it will remove it from your PC safely.

To go to Windows Update site, use Internet Explorer, then go to Tools, Windows Update. Then click on Express. and select Install! OR enable Automatic Updates by going to Control Panel, Automatic Updates, and select Automatic (recommended).


if you just need to Microsoft Removal Tool, it is recommended to install and run this tool. good in removing brontok variants

SQL Client for MYSQL

cool mysql client and free to! SQLYog has all the features and functions to communicate, manage and also migrate MYSQL data/database anyway you like it! below are some of the main functions i use :P or listed :P check it out! nice...

Restoring/Importing large SQL dumps
MySQL 5.x objects support
User Management
Managing hosted MySQL
Connection Manager
Index Management
Relationship/Foreign Key Manager
Reorder Columns
Copy objects to another Host with single click
Table diagnostics
Flush Tools
Object Browser
Creating/dropping database
Optimized for managing Hosted MySQL
Multiple database connections
Table duplication with two clicks

Video Player for Windows XP

here are two nice video player for you guys to try out! it does lotsa things :P some of the main features includes playing many types of video and audio files such as DVD, VCD, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, MP4, 3GP, MP3, WAV, WMV, RMVB, RM, and many many more! thats why i highly recommend it...

you can also play half downloaded/partial video files. it will try to put the video frames together, and play the frames which are playable so at least you can see the preview of the video.

it has multiple functions, settings, and advanced settings that can be tweaked. including changing the video brightness, contrast, colors all on the fly... has settings for sharpness, blurring, and all sorts of video fixes/correction to make your video viewable.

it also has a feature where it will play/find unknown codecs, or video filters, and download it from their respective website. so you don't need to hunt around for the codec. pretty cool huh..

also allows users to capture the screen, and part of the video, for exporting to another video or image file.

the keyboard and mouse settings are also excellent. you can fast forward, lower/increase volume, slow motion, skip frame by frame, change brightness all using your mouse and keyboard...of course it has zoom features too!

and yes! it allows playlist for songs or video files which makes it a really useful player to have around. you can download them respectively below!


GOM Player

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DVD Flick, Create DVD and VCD for free!

Highly Recommended!!!

now heres something really really useful for those people always wanting to have a free DVD authoring/creator application. it can also be used to create VCDs.. pretty cool huh.. well i tried it, and its very easy to use. install it and try! after trying you will be able to play the DVD or CD from your typical Video Player device :P no more PC needed!

after installing, run it, and you will see a prompt. just Close it. then you will see the screen as below. click on Add Title to add your video files. you can add a whole load of video files, and some popular ones are mpg, avi, mov, wmv, asf, rm, 3gp, mp4 and etc.... whole load... more......

then rearange them by click on Move up and Move down, so that when it is played, it will be played sequentially if you insert a few video files. then indicator bar percentage on the left hand side, will tell you how much space you will be using depending on whether you're burning to DVD or VCD. then text field at the bottom of the screen will be a temporary file where it will store the "authored" DVD files, and your Project files.

after you're done putting in the video files, click on Project Settings (see sample screens below). you can select the Target size, whether DVD, VCD, and the appropriate size. then head to Burning tab. by default, the Create ISO Image and the Burn project to disc will NOT be selected. so you will have to select Create ISO Image if you want to create ISO images, or Burn to Disc to burn the video files to DVD. click on Accept to confirm.

then if you want a Menu to be displayed from your DVD, go to Menu Settings and select Enable Menu. then select which Menu theme you would want to be displayed on the left hand side, and click on Accept to confirm.

Finally click on Create DVD and you will see the burning screen below. just wait and WALA its done!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Game: Kingdom Wars, Elf, Men, Undead

heres another nice game from facebook. if you have facebook account, click here. has lotsa monsters, equipment, PVP, minions (your personal army :P), quests, shops, inventory, different areas!!! try it, see the screens below...

the forum can be found here

click on Allow if facebook asks you something :P then enter your character name and select either Ranger, Paladin or Undead. i chose Ranger!

then go to Adventure to kill monsters, Quests to complete quests, Travel to go to other areas, Shop for buying or selling equipment, Inventory to see your EQ, Minions to buy or sell your personal army, and Battle to fight other players. Click on My Alliance to see the other people you recruited and wanting to recruit to this game.

Energy will be your "moves" for this game and refills within minutes of waiting. they have skills also which you can level up, and Favors (im not sure how to get this right yet :P so ill let you to explore this), which i used for getting $$$ LOL...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Megaupload Premium Link Generator Site

now you can download multiple files simultaneously! yes all at the same time... same service as premium, but now free :P i tried it and it works! pretty cool huh.

how to use it? just copy the megaupload file ID and paste it in the text box somewhere below. for example just enter the 5CIVOC2S ONLY after the /?d= into the text box and click on Generate Premium Link. then click on Continue to Download and Download Now to download! thats it! pretty simple huh...

Some Limitations:

- Not allow to download files which are bigger than 500mb
- One Ip only allow to generate 3 premium links in 24 hours

1.Only 1 thread to download , link will be inactive after first download
2.Resuming transfers is not allowed.
3.If the download job does not run ,please generate a new premium link to download again.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Game: MyBrute

i wanted to introduce you guys a cute and nice game (suitable for adults and kids alike). its called MyBrute.

so just head on over to the website mentioned above. its a flash game, so if you don't have flash player installed, download it from here. then install it, you will need to close all your browser beforehand, or it will not work properly.

after installing it, head over to the website again. enter a username that you prefer (in the Type Here field), and change the look of your character by clicking on the Change Colors, and the Change Appearance button. after you confirm your selection, click on Validate to continue. then at the next page, you will see the Change or Create new Password button. click on it, and create a new password for your character, and confirm it! to change password later, click on Change Password link on the right.

now lets fight! you will see your characters weapons on the wooden signboard thingy on the left hand side. see the screens for more info. and the power/skills will be listed below the wooden signboard. each time you level up, you will gain new skills and weapons automatically. this game doesn't require much interaction, everything is automatically rewarded/given to your character. so what you get for your next level, will be random... for example, your strength, agility, HP and speed stats, will also be randomly increased at a certain rate (depending on your sex, character type, profile) after each new level.

yes.. moving along to the Arena, click on Arena or Login to the Arena, click on it and login with your password, and you will see 9 opponents for you to choose from to fight. it will show their strength, agility, speed and hit point (HP). how i usually choose my opponents are, i would choose the lowest HP first, then i will look at their strength, agility and speed, and i would see which character has the lowest stats overall. after selecting your opponent, click on them, and another page with the Start button will appear. click on it and the Arena begins! you don't have to click on anything for the arena, just sit back and relax, and watch the fight begin. if you're lucky, and found a weak opponent, you will be able to easily destroy them. after you win, you will gain some experience point, and once you have enough experience point, you will level!

click on Go back to Cell to go back to your characters page or click on Fight another brute to continue fighting another opponent. do the same selection as above, and repeat and rinse. note that you will only have 3 fights/arena per day. so use them wisely and win the arena if possible. after finishing your rounds, wait for the next arena the next day and you will have another 3 fights allocated. all your fights will be logged on the bottom right hand side. so good luck!

you can also fight your friends if you have their username. just enter the address url as and enter it. you will see your friends character page. to see their weapons and stats, go to then when you want to search for your friends, go to Arena, and search for their username under Search somewhere below the opponent screen. then fight them!

you can recruit more friends to this game, by giving them your url address for example and following the steps above. after they register, you will be able to see them under the Pupils button. click on it and you will see your friends character there. see screen above for more info.

there are also tournaments that you can join now and then. go to your Cell and click on Register your brute under the tournament section, and you will be entered automatically to the tournament to fight the other brutes. you will see the results later or next day to see who has beaten your brute, and who you have won against, at the same section.

you can also join a clan if you wanted to. click on Join a clan and see which clan you're interested with and join :P i havent join a clan yet though :P so im not sure what are the benefits of joining a clan. anyway, to create a new clan, you will have to reach level 10 first. see screen below for some clan list.

note: the next time you want to play this game, just go to and enter your brute username below. remember your password!

For any questions or comments, email me using this form Banner_signup_now_bttn_blue version 1