Thursday, July 30, 2009

Installing Windows XP using 2GB Pen/Thumb Drive

here is a very very easy to follow instructions..

what you need:
- 1 USB/Pen/Thumb Drive (2GB)
- this file

note: just press enter or Y to any questions asked :P

- plug in your thumb drive
- extract the file out to a folder. then run usbwinxp\usb_prep8\usb_prep8.cmd
- press enter when theres a question, and click on Start
- once finish formatting, DO NOT CLOSE ANYTHING and go to Start, run, type in cmd and press enter.
- go/cd to usbwinxp\bootsect\ and type in bootsect.exe /nt52 X: where X will be your thumb drive, and press enter or Y to all questions
- after that, click on Close BUTTON, leave others as it is
- then press 1 and select your Windows XP CD drive
- press 3, and select your thumb drive (for example, E:\)
- press 4 and press enter or Y all the way
- wait till it copies, and WALA its done!
- now sometimes there will be error, so what you do, go to the CD drive of your windows xp, then copy the files in i386 and copy them to the WinNTXX~BT folder.
- reboot EEEPC and press F2 to go to setup. then go to Hard Disk Drives and press on + to change the USB flash to be on top of the list.
- go to exit and save the changes
- reboot again and now when it boots to the usb drive, select the second one in the menu. and follow the normal way of installing windows! thats it!

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