Sunday, August 22, 2010

SOLD: Bugslock Bugs Lock Mosquito Repellent Repeller

Bugslock Bugs Lock Mosquito Repellent Repeller Band

"Bugslock" is a mosquito controlling product to repel the mosquitos with a 100% natural aroma. It is a creative and band shaped product, which prevents mosquitos from approaching by wearing it on the wrist or ankle, where the item emits an aroma that the insect can't stand. As it is small in design and easy to carry, it is usable at anytime, thus it is considered a very convenient product. Plus, it is a safe product, which can be used even by infants, in other worlds, all age groups can use it because it is made of non-toxic substances. It is an elegant product with its various colors and refined designs, hence, it can be ued as a form of accessory for women and also a fun children's wear item.


* 100% NEW
* Convenient and easy to carry
* Best for any outdoor or indoor activities
* Simply to wear it on the wrist or ankle or hang on a bag strap
* With button to adjust the size
* Effective for up to 240 hrs when keep good in sealable pouch
* Color: Green, yellow, blue,pink (** Random color will be shipped.)
* Size: 25cm(L) x 1.8cm(W)
* Ingredients: 100% natural citronella essential oil, 70% ultra micro fiber

User Guide

* Tear off or cut with scissor the upper portion of pouch.
* Open the zipper and take out the band directly.
* Set the button into the hole to fit your wrist or ankle.
* Keep the original pouch and don’t litter it.
* Store the band back into the sealable pouch when used. It can obtain longer effectiveness by this way.
* Please must zip the pouch closely after you opened it.


* Please put it in a place where children cannot access to.
* Do not place near any fire hazards or electrical sources.
* Prevent to put the item under the sunshine directly.
* Please stop to use it if you have any skin irritation or itchiness.
* If you have stinging sensation for accidental eye contact, please flush it with enough water. Do not rub the area.
* Please put it in sealable pouch when you don’t use it

Package includes:
just case and bracelet or band

5 each


Dealing method:
cod or post

Location of seller:
klang or bukit jalil

Age of item:
new sealed

Item(s) conditions:


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