Saturday, October 9, 2010

SALE: WOFS Feng Shui stuff, brand spanking new! RM25, come see! from WOFS shop! ALL NEW

b. Protective Amulet - erm the name speaks for itself
c. Ruby studded Wishful Windmill, to make wishes lol

b. see pic, only amulet and the string and package, sealed with post. its to enhance luck, health of owner
c. with nice box, and windmill with rubies... its for fulfilling wishes, just write some wish on a piece of paper, wrap it, and put it in and wait for the wish to come true!

b. RM25
c. RM88, retails for RM198 in WOFS, still got the price sticker at the bottom


Dealing method:

Klang/Bukit Jalil

Item(s) conditions:
New in box, all new, new new

Protective Amulet
user posted image
user posted image

Ruby studded Wishful Windmill
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

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