Friday, June 19, 2009

Games: Warfare Incorporated

well heres another really nice game for 5800 :P touch screen, can be played on landscape or normal, and addictive too! Warfare Incorporated is something like Warcraft, so enjoy!


1. install StyleTap on your phone (sign it.)
2. connect your phone in pc suite mode.
3. open styletap's appinstall prog.
drag all files from warfareinc folder to installation app.
4. disconnect your phone.
5. run the styletap app
6. run warfareinc
7. enter key

note: see installation guide on how to install :P remember the thingy *ahem* you will need to search google for it!


  1. how do I run this on my 5800?

  2. inside the zip file, theres the installation guide file :P anyway, ill post it up here just in case


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