Friday, June 12, 2009

Nokia Maps Beta 3! for Nokia 5800

here comes the new Nokia Maps Beta 3! which now supports touch screen phones! mmmmMMm... well this one has some enhancement and bugfixes. the major ones i would say would be the increase of the number of 3D buildings/landmarks. also, it has the usual google map browsing thingy (hybrid, map and satellite view of maps)

to install, install Nokia Maps Updater first. after installing that, update your phone with the Nokia Maps Beta. then just install the Nokia Map Loader to update the maps that you require (such as Malaysia maps, etc).


  1. hii again and thnx for sharing

    i would like to ask if after installing the maps, will i need internet to use the maps? it is because i dont have 3G plan for my 5800.

  2. well you can download the maps loader, to download and install (from PC) all your required maps. then you won't need to use 3G :P

  3. my phone does come with a 7-day GPS free trial. after the 7 trial days, will my GPS still function? or is it if i need the voice navi that i need to pay?

  4. yes, ur gps will continue to function. so you can use other gps software e.g. mapking/garmin to navigate with voice :P

    you can also choose to purchase the voice navigation if you do not want to use other software :P


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