Friday, May 8, 2009

Active KillDisk

im sure a lot of you know, that deleting, removing into recycle bin, formatting, fdisk'ing the hard disk, can still allow some knowledgeable people to recover the data if they want to. what if they find all your personal information in there!!!! how!!

well, heres a way to make it harder if not impossible for people to recover your data in the hard disk that you want to sell/exchange away. Active KillDisk makes it safer for you guys to remove all the data in the hard disk, while removing the possibility of people finding your information inside the used hard disk.

What it does is, it will clear all the data, and store new data with lotsa zeros (yes 0's), into the hard disk, so that no one can recover the data.

Theres 2 way to do it. Run it from the Windows itself, or booting into a floppy, USB drive or CD. Running from windows is easy, but it will require you to take out the hard disk, and connecting it externally. Select the default parameters/options to clear your data. See the windows screen shot below, which shows the One Pass Zeros as selection to delete your data (which is only available in the Free version of the program, but its enough).

you can even do it at your convinience of booting into a USB drive or CD drive (you can create the program bootable by burning or copying their ISO image, which can be done from Start, Programs, Active Kill Disk, Create Bootable Active Disk Program, or something like that :P, then Create disk!)

then just restart your PC/laptop, and boot into the CD/USB, then select Accept when it asks you to accept the agreement. then wait for a while for it to read your hard disk. Scroll and select your hard disk to be removed, and press Enter to select. then press F10 to remove everything from your hard disk, and type in ERASE-ALL-DATA for confirmation. my 80GB hard disk took around 1hour 30minutes to complete. after finishing, just Exit and restart! thats it!

now to make it even harder or impossible for recovery, install your Operating System over it, and select the long Format (don't select Quick Format), and reformat the hard disk. then install the Operating System and WALA! thats it

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