Saturday, May 2, 2009

Installing Windows XP into Acer Travelmate 4530

say hi to my bro :P

anyway, heres a tip for all those people out there having Acer laptops (especially those new ones). if you get an error (blue screen of death error) when installing Windows XP onto it, then you will need to change one setting..

its because the laptop is using AHCI controller for its SATA drive (which basically makes it faster to process data). so Windows XP does not recognize or able to work with it unfortunately. So to fix this, reboot your laptop. Press on F2 when you see the boot up screen (for example Intel logo, or AMD logo). then press the right arrow key to go to Main. then scroll down using down key and look for AHCI mode. select it and press enter, and select IDE mode and press Enter. then press the right arrow key to Exit, and press enter on Exit Saving Changes. It will reboot, and restart your Windows XP installation and WALA! it works!

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