Saturday, May 2, 2009

Microsoft Live Writer

for blogging purposes. simplified blogging by providing you all the basic gadgets you need for blogging. supports and several popular blogging sites.

download Microsoft Live Writer and install it. when asked what to install, you can choose to install all the components, or just select Live Writer to install only one component.

after finishing installation, run it, and it will ask you for your blog website address. enter it, together with your username and password. then click on Next and everything will be setup automatically. after finishing this process, an empty page for new thread will appear. its the same as the normal page on the blogging website (with title and text body field), but now, all the basic functions such as adding pictures, url, video, tables, maps are available from the right hand side buttons. quite simple actually.

click on Publish to publish or Preview to see what mess you have done :P

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