Sunday, May 3, 2009

Online Virus Scanner for FREE!

im going to list down few good ones, which are free.. but bear in mind, they will only scan, and tell you the results, to see whether you're infected or not (or if your anti virus missed any viruses, trojans, worms, etc).

why i would recommend a scan or two? well, their website are always updated with the latest signature and virus scanning patterns, so if your PC or laptop is idle, why not just let them scan it for you :P

No installation needed, can run in firefox or Internet Explorer!

note: although theres no installation needed, you will need to wait a while for the pattern updates, and program updates, which can take around 10-15mins to load. so be patient :P once it loads, thats it! you don't need to reload again, the next time you use it.

Kaspersky Online Scanner

TrendMicro House Call

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