Monday, May 4, 2009

SmartCam for 5800

heres a nice program to enable your phone as a webcam, when connected to the PC. there are two ways to use it, just use the bluetooth (the other method is Wifi).

install the .exe file inside the zip into your PC (Windows) using this file (SmartCam). after installing, install the .sis file into your phone.

run the installed application from the PC (remember to turn on bluetooth, and you may need to pair the phone with your PC beforehand), and from the phone just select Options, Connect, Bluetooth and it will install the neccessary drivers and turn on the camera of your phone, and turn it into a webcam. simple as that.


if your PC doesn't have bluetooth, run the application that you installed on the PC. go to File, Settings, Connection, TCP/IP (Wifi) and see if the settings for Port is Port:9361. then go to the Phone and run the application, then go to Options, Connect, TCP/IP (Wifi). It will prompt for Server Name, enter your PC IP address. you can get your IP Address from Start, Run, type in cmd and press Enter, then type ipconfig, and press Enter. look for Local Area Connection section, and look for IP Address (which will look like 192.168.1.X or 10.1.1.X for example). enter that number exactly, and continue. it will then prompt you to connect to the Internet, just select your WIFI to connect. thats it!

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