Monday, February 23, 2009

Anti Virus for 5800 or symbian phones!

ehm, im not sure whether i want to list down or not, but since there are a lot of queries to whether an anti virus should be installed onto the phone, i would say yes, but not to the extent of installing few of them in the phone. this would of course drain the battery, especially if you have real time scanning turned on. i would recommend these two anti virus for your phone, or your brand spanking new nokia 5800 ^_^

- Kaspersky Anti Virus 2009, well i have installed this onto my phone after trying F secure, why you ask? its because i have it in my pc, and in my PC it has been running smoothly without anyproblem for quite some time, so....

- F-Secure 2009, this anti virus, quite popular, but see above for my explanation on why i chose Kaspersky :P

see below for screenshots!

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