Monday, February 23, 2009

Windows Live Messenger not working on your 5800?


you can also use the application in Menu, Applications, IM. go to Options, Settings, Servers. Click on Options, New server (or if there is already a server defined, you can edit it, or make a new server, to edit, click on Options, Edit). then change:
- Server name to
- select the Access point in use, e.g. Maxis 3G Internet
- Web address put it as
- put in your Yahoo User ID and Yahoo Password.
press on Back, until you reach the main screen, and when it asks for Connecting Automatically or Manually, just select whichever option you like. then click on your username to connect. thats it!


dont be afraid, theres a few replacement for it! and here are the nominees!
- Slick, freeware ^_^, and supports many of the popular messenger services! they are in no particular order...ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Google and Jabber.

- Fring, the new beta is quite cool, which supports 5800. well this program can do quite a number of things, like supporting Skype, SIP, facebook, and countless many more services. however, for simplicity purposes, i would recommend using Slick..if you don't use internet calls etc..

in any case, i included Windows Live Messenger here, just in case :P a lot of people are having the "can not allow login" when trying to login to Windows Live Messenger. Im having that problem too :( even though typing correctly the password, and settings of course..

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