Saturday, February 21, 2009

Using Nokia maps with PRELOADED maps from memory card

Yes! u can download maps from any country into your memory card. provided you have enough space to store them. download Nokia Maps Loader from here

note: after you downloaded the maps, you won't need to connect to Internet anymore to download the maps!

then install it. after installing it, connect your phone, and execute Nokia Maps Loader. it will take a while to scan and verify your phone. after that, the list of maps for many countries will be listed. you can select individual cities (for example China, you can select certain city maps to download) or you can download the whole map if you like, but remember, you need the space. it will auto calculate the space needed from your memory card, so remember, just download what you need :P

after downloading the maps, it will make a copy into the memory card, then what you need to do is try! try opening nokia maps and search for any location from the country you downloaded. it will be listed in the search! hooray!

NEW: i have included Nokia Maps 2 for you guys to download.
And also Nokia Maps 3!! Special note from Nokia: if you see "Not enough memory to start the application" error when running it, just go to File Manager from Applications, then select Memory Card and delete the Cities folder and also the qf file. then just try running Nokia Maps 3 again...
and here i also included MapLoader 3 for Nokia Maps 3... its the same with Map Loader 2 above, but only works with Nokia Maps 3 :P

Note that this version might not be compatible with your 5800. only install this if you are desperate for a fix (because if you install this, you might need to use Virtual Key for your Nokia Maps)... or if you need to hard reset later, see here

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