Friday, February 27, 2009

Capturing your phone screen

This is a freeware, and you can download it from here ScreenSnap. See below for the screen capture. I also used this program to capture the google maps screen which can be seen from my blog. Its quite easy, just install and run it. also remember to change it according to the settings below. you can change the Save to memory card instead of phone memory. the other settings, you can just leave it as default. whenever you need to capture a screen on your phone, just press the camera button, thats it. it will be saved into your e:\images\screensnap directory (your memory card).


another program called Screenshot for s60 3rd edition phones, n95, etc... does the same thing, has shortcut key for taking screenshots, and quite similar with above.

The following pictures shows the shortcut that you use to capture screenshots. There are several shortcuts that are supported by Screenshot for Symbian OS (S60). The default one is +. The key is sometimes called key or key. The key is the center of your joystick.

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