Friday, February 20, 2009

Terminate TSRAutostart after running Garmin and tips on killing apps!

Note: for Tsrautostart, you can now disable it by going to Tools, Settings, System, Launch Background Service (for Garmin 50030 or newer). For the first time, just go there, and click on it. then Enable, Done. then click on it again and Disable, Done. tsrautostart will not come up again to drain your battery :P yay!


if you still want to stick to Garmin 50020, you can download GMXTLaunch. this program will help in terminating or blocking TSRautostart from starting. thanks to the viewer of my blog for that tip :P

however, for more details and explanation on killing applications, see below....
well, this process will drain your battery quite fast, so my suggestion is to download

install it and run it. before that, you will need to sign it first, see my post on how to sign it.

then select the tsrautostart process and Terminate it!
note: it will restart again when you connect your phone as mass storage or when you restart your phone, so kill it again! if you see it

also, most of the time when i restart my phone, i will just use KillMe to Terminate All the processes. then only i will start the ones that i need, such as:
- Light Signal Plus (which is similar to the middle button glowing if you have a message or missed call, but this one the media button on top of phone, the green and red button will also blink every 2 or 3 seconds)- to run, just go to options, then Activate
- Best reminder (to remind you of any messages or missed calls by ringing tone) - to run, just enable it with default settings :P by clicking Disabled, and it will change to Activated
- Handy Shell (nice interface to replace ur 5800 home screen with more shortcuts etc)


  1. how to check whether TSRAutostart is running on the tube? even with the version 5.00.20 garmin xt? coz i read somewhere said this version dun hv TSRAutostart

  2. hei there, the tsrautostart can be seen from KillMe application, which you can download above. the latest garmin 5.00.20 has that.

  3. there's a 'GMXT Launch' that will auto kill tsrautorun everytime u exit garmin mobile xt.

    link :

  4. hi thanks, will check it out :P its in chinese :P

  5. Seems that there is a permanent way of disabling TSRAutorun.
    See here for the article:


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