Thursday, February 26, 2009

Disabling laptop touch pad when mouse is connected

Im sure many of you have this problem. you're typing smoothly for few minutes and suddenly, poof, your cursor went to another place and your typing is interrupted. well its because you could have accidentally touched your mouse touch pad, which then triggered your mouse cursor to run amok.... to disable it, follow these steps. please make note that the settings are different from each latop brand. anyway, if one doesnt work, move on to the second step :P

- go to Control Panel, then go to your Mouse settings, then go through all the tabs, it will have an option something like Disable touch pad when a mouse is connected. Look for that option and tick on it, if not ticked.

- press Fn key+ F7 to disable touch pad directly

- go to Control Panel, and go to Mouse settings, then find an option to display the tray icon on the tray bar. After succesfully enabled the tray icon, check the tray icon for options like Use touchpad and PS/2 USB mouse. then click on it to disable. you will then notice the tray icon bar of your touch pad has an X on it... it works!

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