Wednesday, February 25, 2009

N95 GPS problem solved! and how to backup!!

im sure most of you guys will have GPS lock problem with your N95 after some time huh... well here are some things you can try to fix the problem and they are:

- make sure you update the firmware. use the Nokia Software Updater. install the software, and after install, connect your phone to it. then run the program. the phone will prompt you a menu asking what mode you would like to connect as, just select PC Suite mode, and then let the updater detect your phone, and follow the instructions to update the firmware of your phone.
WARNING: you will lose all the contents of the phone (not including memory card, it will be intact). You will also lose all the contacts, SMS, settings, etc in the phone itself. So make sure you backup using the Nokia PC Suite.

How to backup:
- install Nokia PC Suite, then connect your phone. your phone will prompt few menu, such as PC Suite, Mass Storage, Media Transfer, etc. just select PC Suite. If this is the first time you connect to PC Suite, it will ask you to install a new software into your phone. so just follow it, and go to PC Suite, then go to Help, then go to Reinstall PC Suite support. this will update your PC Suite version in your phone ^_^, so in your phone, just accept the installation defaults. and let it install...
- then go to Backup (the first icon which looks like a vault)
- then click on Backup (the first icon which looks like a vault)
- then accept the default settings, e.g. the checkboxes. if you want to backup your whole memory card, then just check the User files from a memory card.
- then click on next, and accept the default filename and click on Next.
- then wait (around 15 or more......minutes) ! until its complete and press on the Tick/OK once done.
Note: this works with most of the Nokia phones.

- try this, go to Tools, GPS Data, Navigation. then go to Options and select Satellite Status. wait for a while, and you should be seeing some bars moving up and down... which means its getting the GPS lock! hooray!

- go to Tools, Settings, Connection, Packet Data, and select When needed for Packet Data Connection.

- always remember to flip up the phone, when using GPS, its because the GPS is somewhere near the keypad below... somewhere...

- for 5800, go to Settings, Phone, Application sett., Positioning, Positioning Methods, and make sure Assisted GPS, Integrated GPS is selected. if not, click on it to select. then check Positioning Server and make sure your default Access Point is select with ur Internet Provider. e.g. Maxis 3G Internet

- for N95 or other nokia phones with GPS go to Settings, General, and Positioning. Make sure the same settings above are followed.

Note that everytime you use AGPS, it will cost u RM 0.10 cents! each time u use AGPS that is.. if you disable AGPS or Assisted GPS, it will only use the GPS, which is FREE, but sometimes it would be longer if not under clear skies or surrounding. you can use the below way to confirm this :P

- you turn off Assisted GPS
- go garmin and wait.
- then u press the menu key(the white key) and it will minimize Garmin. you will see that your 3G or 3.5G symbol is normal (the big letter). DO not exit garmin yet.
- then you turn on Assisted GPS
- you will see connection starting means the 3G or 3.5G symbol will become small letter (means its connecting)
- then you go back to garmin, and you will notice faster GPS lock.

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