Friday, February 27, 2009

Google Maps on 5800

download it from here Google Maps, and run it from Applications, Google Maps

then run and install it into your phone. you will notice nice pics, maps, and all. you can also get Directions to a place from your current/other place by going to Options, Get Directions, then select the Start Point(e.g. your current location), and then selecting the End Point (e.g. your previous location search). then click on Show Directions. it will then give you a step by step details on how to get to the place. e.g. turn right at.. XXX road - 0.1km , turn left at the intersection XXX- 0.5km, etc. you can also show the directions on map by clicking on See on map. Note: there is no sound navigation from Google Maps! if you need sound/voice navigation get Garmin and install it according to my installation instructions in my blog.

New: There is a function called Google Latitude, if you install the copy of google maps above. Just accept the agreement, Accept/Enable Latitude, and then go to Options, Join Latitude. then login or create a new Google account. after login, there will be a picture of your google account profile that you set previously on the map. that indicates your current location. so what this function does is it can show you all your friends location (if they allow their location to be shown, which you can also set to show a specific location, your current location or disable showing your location). Just click on Add Friends and follow the instructions, which is quite simple.. OR add your friends into your Google Account through your PC web browser if its easier and faster. just login through Latitude, and add your friends from your contact, or using their email, its that easy! if your friends has it enabled, you will be able to see/track them on the map! muahahahaha



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