Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nokia 5800 Themes

few of them :P ill update them if im free :P to install, just extract all the files to a folder, then install the .sis files. some of them may contain few parts for the themes. so just install the .sis file first, then the other .png/.jpg files, you can use it as wallpaper. set it as wallpaper by going to Menu, Settings, Personal, Themes, Wallpaper, and click on Image, then select the new wallpaper image.

as for the mbm files, those are the operator logo files. to change your 5800 operator logo, copy the .mbm files into c:\private\10000850. wait for a while (or restart if impatient) thats it!

Pink diamond

3D Steel

Disco Lights

Iphone Light


Iphone Lush

Batman: Dark Knight

Black Windows Vista

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