Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nokia PC Suite MTP Driver Problem

sometimes after you upgrade your Nokia PC Suite, you get a prompt asking you to install MTP driver... hmmm.. whats that? its supposed to be some kind of driver coming from Windows Media Player. so if you're using and older version of Windows Media Player (e.g. older than version 10), you will face this problem. how to fix it? there are a few ways to try.

go to Windows Update (from Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Windows Update), and download and install Windows Media Player 11. then plugin your phone again, and the MTP driver will be installed!


download and install Windows Media Player if you are lazy to update your windows. then plugin your phone and retry!


uninstall Nokia PC Suite from Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. then run Nokia PC Suite Cleaner to ensure everything about PC Suite is removed. then rerun Nokia PC Suite setup again. wala! no more problem :P


  1. Try this:
    1. Make sure your on media Player 10 (11 will mess this up)
    2. Go to settings/connectivity/USB on phone and select Mass Storage
    3. Connect USB cable to PC
    4. Go to Windows Explorer and navigate to the phones memory card. Look for "Private Folder"
    5. In Private Folder delete folder 10208913
    6. Turn off phone after disconnecting USB cable
    7. Re-connect USB cable and turn on phone (Important this is done as described)
    8. Go to settings/connectivity/USB on phone and select PC Suite
    9. MTP driver should now load Ok and everthings cool.

  2. Thanks

    it works really

  3. yah it works . thanks bro

  4. Really good insight.but i just wanted to say i love the layout of your blog. !@Sara
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