Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Post It Notes Freeware

i have been using this software for quite some time. so time to introduce it to you guys :P good for reminders, things to do, and little notes. also good for remembering reservation no for your cinema :P and restaurant.

its very easy to use. install it, and a little post it icon will be appearing on your task bar on your bottom right hand side screen. right click to see the options available. to show all the current post its on your desktop, click on Show All Desktop Notes.

then left click on the icon to add new notes. just type whatever things you like (you can also copy paste into the notes from other programs such as Word, Excel, etc). and then click elsewhere. it will save by itself automatically. don't worry about losing it after you restart or shutdown your PC because it will be SAVED automatically!

you can also set schedules or alarms to remind you of a particular note. pretty cool huh! with audible sound also! just click on the little white button on the Note itself (top left hand side), and go to Note Properties. then from there, you can set whether to show it in front of your desktop always, show Image with links, and alarms.

never forget anything again!

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