Thursday, April 9, 2009

Portable Applications for USB drive! never leave home without it!

Portable Apps Light (~50MB)
Portable Apps Normal Part 1, Portable Apps Normal Part 2, Portable Apps Normal Part 3 (~130MB)

Download instructions: for huge USB drive with more than 512MB, go for the "Normal" version.

well heres a nifty application/applications that you can use from your USB drive alone. no installation needed. no hassle of finding other applications to make it work.

safe all your private and secure data in your USB drive. never leave anymore trace on the PC! bring it everywhere, and just plug and play (the applications) anywhere you want to.

you can even plug it into any of your friends PC, and yet all your data will be save ONLY into your USB drive.

all the coolest, most popular and useful tools all in your USB drive :P just run the setup file, and install it into your USB drive (for example e:\) ! thats it

best of all also, its all FREE!

comes with lotsa applications, mainly applications that i use are Firefox, Thunderbird, Keepass, OpenOffice, ClamWin anti virus. that means you can browse the net, receive emails, store your passwords, open up Office documents and even scan your PC all in one USB drive....

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