Friday, April 24, 2009

Nokia Messaging (Email)

now heres an interface from Nokia that eases email functions... it makes the email interface, SMS like. so you can send/receive, and reply using SMS like features. download Nokia Messaging and try :P


If you are in a country listed below where Nokia Messaging is enabled, simply install the .sis file and follow the on device setup instructions to configure your personal email account(s).

  • Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Venezuela

Otherwise, you will need these additional instructions to complete the setup:

  • Install the .sis file, and when the email setup screen appears, stop there
  • From your PC, go to
  • If you already have a Nokia Messaging account
    1. Select "Log in"
    2. Enter your primary email address and password
    3. Select "Install now"
    4. Enter your phone number, select any device, then select "Next"
  • If you do not have a Nokia Messaging Account account
    1. Select "Sign up"
    2. Select any device and complete the simple 3 step signup process
  • Wait for the SMS to arrive on your device.
  • Select "Start", enter your password, and log in


  • The message list optimizes its view depending on whether you’re in portrait or landscape mode. It shows a preview of the beginning of each email. The preview enlarges when you select an email. Scroll by just dragging the message list, or scroll even faster using the bar on the right. Optional date dividers help separate different days’ emails; tap on one to collapse and expand it, or long-tap to collapse/expand all of them.
  • In the message list, you can tap controls at the top to change mailboxes, change folders, or to re-sort the message list by any of seven different fields.
  • A function bar at the bottom of the window (on the side, in landscape mode) offers the most common commands with a tap. The message list has a multi-select option, so your commands can apply to several emails at once.
  • In an open message, the message header expands and collapses with a single tap. Forward and backward arrows there help you move quickly through your inbox. A “select text” mode makes it easy to copy and paste. Any email you receive from a contact whose picture you have, is easy to see quickly, as their picture appears in the email header!
  • A long touch on many of the selectable areas of the client, such as an email sender or recipient, a URL, or a message in the list view, brings up a context-sensitive menu with options appropriate to the selection, such as Call Sender or Mark Unread.
  • When you compose an email, a quick tap on the To button launches the contacts list, so you can quickly address an email. Or type a few letters, and the client will display matches from your contacts and recent correspondents. Add Cc or Bcc lines to your email by tapping those buttons at the top; they are normally hidden if you don’t need them. If you have more than one mailbox, you can choose which of your mailboxes to send from with another button at the top. Input text into an email using any of your device’s text input mechanisms, from hard keyboards to on-screen keyboards to handwriting recognition.

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