Saturday, April 4, 2009

Game: Stratagus

something like Warcraft 2 i guess... Stratagus has several ports of the game for symbian, PC and also Windows Mobile. to move, click on the command icon such as move, mine, attack to move the characters.

For Symbian Stratagus
to install, just double click on the sis file with the PC suite on. just accept all the default settings. then copy the data directory to the memory card (if you installed the sis file into the memory card) or phone memory (if you installed sis file into phone memory). run and play!

For Windows Mobile Stratagus and Wargus

Install instructions:
1. Download Full release and unpack it to some temp folder on PC (for example, c:\Wargus )
2. Download Latest update for your PDA's processor - XScale or ARM. i would choose ARM. Unpack it to same folder. Confirm overwrite if asked.
3. For english campain description - download and unpack Grzes.rar like in p.2
4. If your PDA is low on memory, wipe Data\Sounds and Data\Music folders from c:\Wargus
5. Copy entire folder to your storage card.
6. Run stratagus.exe. Please note - it takes a bit of time to load if sounds are enabled.

Default key mappings:
HW1: Shift
HW2: Holding it will make the right tap.
HW3: 'A' key
HW4: 'S' key

Key remapping:
Edit pocketpc.lua script.

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