Monday, April 6, 2009

TuninFM for 5800 and other Symbian phones

heres an Internet Radio application called TuninFM which you can use if you have unlimited data package :P it connects to the internet to update the latest radio channels and then you can start selecting the channels to "tune"/listen to them. just install with the default settings, and when it asks to activate just select Yes, and it will open the Nokia browser to update the radio channels. you can also select other radio channels listed on the website. select which one suits you the most, and click on Start to start downloading. after it finishes download, just click on Get Station to install it into the radio player. to select the radio channels, go to Options, Top 10, and you will see the most popular radio channel available. OH, and btw, you don't need to connect your "enhancement" or earphones to listen to the radio.

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