Friday, April 24, 2009

Garmin Nuvi Bluetooth features

i have tried the bluetooth features for Garmin Nuvi GPS model 310. comes with Brazil and Malaysia/Singapore maps.

when i first tried to get GPS lock, it took a few mins. after that, GPS lock has been a breeze. i can get it within 30 seconds!

im sure you all know the basic functions of the garmin nuvi, for GPS. it has all the same old features such as searching for an address, coordinates, POI based searching, etc :P

this model also comes with Audible book player, which can speak the story book, if you have them. also comes with calculator, currency converter, language translator, and also MP3 player!!! wowza!

so how do you play your mp3? just connect your nuvi to your PC. the Nuvi memory, and the memory card (if available) will popup. copy them to your memory card, and then disconnect your nuvi properly (by safely removing the device). then go to the Travel Kit, and MP3 player, and click on the library! and play :P

next, the bluetooth feature. i played with it, and found its very cool, and interesting feature to have. why? because you can almost use the Nuvi as your phone... to connect your phone to the Nuvi, just turn on your Phone bluetooth (make sure its Visible to others), and search for audio enhancement (or device). it will list out the nuvi as nuvi_XXXXXX. select that, and it will prompt the pin code on the Nuvi(which will be 1234). enter the pin code in your phone, and select connect automatically (allow device to connect automatically) to ensure it connects automatically when you enter your car (provided your Nuvi is turned on when your car starts, which will require you to connect your Nuvi to the car charger port).

you can call/receive call, voice dial, send/receive SMS all from the Nuvi itself (of course connected to the Phone through bluetooth). also, if you go to the Phone book, or SMS section, it will list all the contacts and SMS that are available in your phone. pretty neat huh :P

so to call, just click on the contact, and Dial! you can see some screens of the bluetooth features below.

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