Friday, April 17, 2009

Brontok Removal Tools

here are some removal tools for Brontok variants incase you get infected. the common symptoms would be:
- you can't surf to any anti virus site such as kaspersky, sophos, bitdefender, norton, etc
- you can't use regedit, task manager
- you can't boot into safe mode (it crashes)
- you can't turn on your anti virus
- you notice a lot of new files with random numbers in c:\windows
- your PC becomes slow and lags!
- you can't install or uninstall some popular anti virus..

so here they are for you to try and remove! extract them out, and burn them into a CD in a CLEAN PC environment. then just run it!
note: you can also install the latest update from Microsoft Windows Site (find the Malicious Removal Tool), and install it.. it will remove it from your PC safely.

To go to Windows Update site, use Internet Explorer, then go to Tools, Windows Update. Then click on Express. and select Install! OR enable Automatic Updates by going to Control Panel, Automatic Updates, and select Automatic (recommended).


if you just need to Microsoft Removal Tool, it is recommended to install and run this tool. good in removing brontok variants


  1. Hi,

    Sophos offers a free Brontok removal tool which should remove the Brontok virus.


  2. hi james, i have already included the one you mentioned in the zip file previously :P but thanks for the feedback :P appreciate it! do post more!


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