Friday, April 17, 2009

Opening DVD/CD Image Files

have you ever wondered what are the huge files in ISO, NDS, BIN, CUE, NRG, IMG, CDI, CSO extension for? those are files that are called disc images. you can use them to burn the image of the CD/DVD into an optical disc such as DVD or CD. usually when you download huge "games" from the Internet, it will be provided/distributed in those formats mentioned above. so you will have to burn them accordingly into discs. so how do we get around this without having few hundred spare discs lying around :P

use Daemon Tools. its a nice product that lets you run the CD/DVD image on the fly. this means that you don't need to burn it onto a disc for running it (waste of time :( ). using it, you can just run the image file, and load them immediately for viewing, executing, or installing games/videos.

download it and install it. then an icon with a thunder thingy will appear on the taskbar on the right. right click on it and select Virtual CD/DVD-ROM, E:\ (for example), Mount Image. then select the image file that you have, and thats it! wait for a few seconds for it to load, and if there is a startup screen, it will appear automatically! just like burning into a CD!!! wow!

you can load up to 4 images at a time, and it supports many types of disc images, so give it a try!

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