Monday, April 13, 2009

Game: Kingdom Wars, Elf, Men, Undead

heres another nice game from facebook. if you have facebook account, click here. has lotsa monsters, equipment, PVP, minions (your personal army :P), quests, shops, inventory, different areas!!! try it, see the screens below...

the forum can be found here

click on Allow if facebook asks you something :P then enter your character name and select either Ranger, Paladin or Undead. i chose Ranger!

then go to Adventure to kill monsters, Quests to complete quests, Travel to go to other areas, Shop for buying or selling equipment, Inventory to see your EQ, Minions to buy or sell your personal army, and Battle to fight other players. Click on My Alliance to see the other people you recruited and wanting to recruit to this game.

Energy will be your "moves" for this game and refills within minutes of waiting. they have skills also which you can level up, and Favors (im not sure how to get this right yet :P so ill let you to explore this), which i used for getting $$$ LOL...

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