Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DVD Flick, Create DVD and VCD for free!

Highly Recommended!!!

now heres something really really useful for those people always wanting to have a free DVD authoring/creator application. it can also be used to create VCDs.. pretty cool huh.. well i tried it, and its very easy to use. install it and try! after trying you will be able to play the DVD or CD from your typical Video Player device :P no more PC needed!

after installing, run it, and you will see a prompt. just Close it. then you will see the screen as below. click on Add Title to add your video files. you can add a whole load of video files, and some popular ones are mpg, avi, mov, wmv, asf, rm, 3gp, mp4 and etc.... whole load... more......

then rearange them by click on Move up and Move down, so that when it is played, it will be played sequentially if you insert a few video files. then indicator bar percentage on the left hand side, will tell you how much space you will be using depending on whether you're burning to DVD or VCD. then text field at the bottom of the screen will be a temporary file where it will store the "authored" DVD files, and your Project files.

after you're done putting in the video files, click on Project Settings (see sample screens below). you can select the Target size, whether DVD, VCD, and the appropriate size. then head to Burning tab. by default, the Create ISO Image and the Burn project to disc will NOT be selected. so you will have to select Create ISO Image if you want to create ISO images, or Burn to Disc to burn the video files to DVD. click on Accept to confirm.

then if you want a Menu to be displayed from your DVD, go to Menu Settings and select Enable Menu. then select which Menu theme you would want to be displayed on the left hand side, and click on Accept to confirm.

Finally click on Create DVD and you will see the burning screen below. just wait and WALA its done!

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