Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Xdancery, touch screen game for 5800

its a nice game, see below for screens. its a big game though, 11MB. so just download XDancery, and install it. after installing you will notice......... some text in chinese. so, i will guide you on where to click :P

so when you first run it, when you see there is a black button with chinese text on the left and right hand side, just click on the left hand side button. then you will see a Touch Me button, so click anywhere and you will see the main screen. then select the song (the default comes with 2 songs, Optical fiber and days killer), by clicking on the song, then just click on Play on the left hand side and begin!

then to play, just click on the speakers when the round things is near the hole of the speaker...

so when u didnt do very well, it will popup a prompt, just click on the left button to retry, and right button to exit game (which will bring you to the main screen).

you can also add some new songs to it. just click on the + sign below the songs. it will show you a screen where you can point to your mp3 songs. just click on the arrow pointing to the right to add the songs. then click on the black button on the left to confirm. right hand side button to exit.

to delete the song list, just click on the trash can button. simple aye! quite nice game :P

and when you click on Exit, click on the left hand button to confirm, and right hand button to cancel.

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