Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fix for USB detection problem

Today, i noticed there was a problem with a PC not detecting anything for the USB (it doesnt power up the device also). so i decided to check the Control Panel, System. I noticed there was a ! for the Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Connector. So i tried to reinstall it using the Intel driver CD (it was an intel motherboard). you can use the Intel Chipset Identification tool to see what your motherboard is. (see pic)

After reinstalling, i noticed theres no more ! beside the Standard Enhanced...... driver. So i thought its fixed, but noooo.... it still gives me the same problem. it doesnt even power up the USB device. so then i ran the setup again, and now, it keeps hanging the whole machine. and you can't even press Ctrl+Alt+Del. you can press or move anything.....

so i restarted it, and i checked the BIOS settings. the Intel motherboard uses F2 to enter the BIOS setup. I then went to USB settings, and I noticed there was a setting for Enable USB All, which i put to enable. then i changed the Enable USB 2.0 to DISABLE. and i left the Enable USB legacy, to Enable.

Then i restarted, and voila, i can start to detect my USB device again. hope this article helps you guys out ^_^

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