Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Changing your fonts on Nokia 5800

first and foremost, backup your phone using instructions from here.

only few steps, get your fonts in .ttf extension ready. you can get some sample ones from c:\windows\fonts

then use X-plore, and make sure you go to Configuration, to enable Show Hidden Files and Show System files, just check all the Show options just in case.

go to z:\resource\fonts and make note of the filename there. for example s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf (to see z:\ you will need to follow instructions from here).. in any case, by default it should be the above i mentioned, to be safe, just see what is the filename from your phone z:\resource\fonts.

then make three or four copies of your font file (depending on your z:\resource\fonts) and rename them to have the names mentioned above. for example s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf

then connect your phone as mass storage, and copy them to your e:\resource\fonts (make a new folder called fonts if its not there)

and restart your phone! thats it!

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