Thursday, March 26, 2009

Barcode Reader for 5800

download your barcode reader from here! quite nice, after installation, it will startup by itself, and you will see a little camera box.. see below for screen.

how i used to read the 1D barcode (the long one with lotsa bars) is firstly, i went to Options, then 2D/1D, then i selected 1D. then a smaller camera box will appear. then just hover over the barcode (make sure the barcode is in the middle), and click and hold on the camera button to focus (once you get a nice image, let go), and wait till it reads successfuly the barcode. then it will popup a message asking whether you wan to go to the site using the barcode you read. if you select yes, it will open up the site with the barcode, or if you choose no, it will copy the code into clipboard, which you can copy to your Notes (Menu, Applications, Notes) program in your phone.

for 2D barcodes, leave the settings as it is, then just place the barcode picture WITHIN the yellow box, right in the middle of the screen. it will capture it and does the same thing as above. it will display out the text that is captured, and there is an option to Copy the text to clipboard. Click on Camera to go back to the capturing screen.

below are two examples of barcode for your testing...

2D barcode, which will redirect you to the nokia browser, and head you to a website :P check it out to see which website it goes to!

1D barcode, which will give you a series of numbers as a result, and copy it to the clipboard.


  1. I followed the 2D link with my phone to a download iec16022-0.2.3.tar.gz which I downloaded. The phone states file format not supported. Can you help. I have a Nokia 5800.

  2. hei, you will need to extract the tar.gz file first. use a 7-zip program to extract it, you can find it in my blog too.


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