Thursday, March 26, 2009

Garmin Mobile XT Crashing?

sometimes it will crash or hang, and you might need to press the white button (menu button on 5800) to minimize garmin. sometimes it may just be slow, or lagging, so you can also wait it out.. and sometimes you just can't wait, so you just remove the battery to restart the phone.

well, ive had those symptoms of hanging and lagging before. so ill just list down what i checked in order to "fix" the problem.

firstly, try to use the lite version of malaysia/singapore maps. the one named MFMv151 usually is big, and packed with lotsa stuff, so it tends to hang, especially when loading/browsing the map. so i would recommend download the lite version, and replace it with your normal gmappsupp.img file generated from e.g. MFMv150.exe file. make sure you make a backup before attempting to replace the file..

disable turn preview, by going to Tools, Settings, Routing, Turn Preview and set it to Disabled.


  1. My 5800 crashes almost always when I press "arrival time" while navigating. Anyone know a fix for this?

  2. have you tried using the lite version mentioned above?

  3. I live in europe so dont have those maps.

  4. oh ok, how big is your map :P sometimes if i use a map with few countries in it, it tends to crash a lot.. and hang too..

  5. Just one small country :) Finland.
    Maybe Garmin XT isnt fully optimised for the 5800 yet. seems kinda of laggy compared to google maps or Nokia maps.

  6. ah true true. you can try ndrive? see if theres any map for your country. the link is in my blog, search for ndrive


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