Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to format your memory card

two ways to clear or format your memory card...

through PC, just connect your phone as mass storage, then go to Start, My Computer. then find your memory card, it will be listed as E:\Removable drive usually. you can make sure by right clicking on it and going to Properties. It will show the size of the memory card. make sure its the right one... or you will be removing the whole thing accidently.. OR better just double click on it, and see the contents, and make sure its your right memory card. then right click on it, and select Format. you can then check on Quick Format, and click on Start to start formatting, and wait till its finished. it will take less than one minute for quick format, and if you uncheck quick format, it will take more than few minutes depending on the size of your memory card. an 8GB memory card for me would take around 5-10mins usually.

or through Phone, go to Menu, Applications, File Manager, select E:\ or the memory card, double click on it, and go to Options, Memory card option, and Format. then it will ask whether you want to continue formatting, just select Yes, and thats it!

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