Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ebook Reader for 5800

Touch screen, auto rotating ebook reader called TequilaCat. download it and try. displays pictures, able to auto scroll, fully controllable navigation, and very user friendly. you can also change the fonts, display colors, etc! i tried it with the ebook in TXT format. looks good :P

I attach 2 ebooks here for you guys to try out. if you guys want more, you can request them, by commenting below, or putting a feedback using the link on the top right corner.

note: you can disable the keypad using instructions from here to make it full screen.

20-000-Leagues-Under-the-Sea and The-Adventures-of-Huckleberry-Finn


  1. hi
    What file this ebook reader read??
    i have .pdb ebook file but it couldnt read!
    pls help

  2. itsallaboutmiumiu.blogspot.com

  3. hi there, i tried html and text files. :P

    im not sure about pdb though..

  4. Hi,

    There is a ebook ready alled qreader. This works on the nokia as well.


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