Friday, March 13, 2009

Tools to check dead pixel for WM, Symbian and PC

What is dead pixel? ehm, basically its a "stuck" or non-working dot/pixel on your LCD or monitor. once the dead pixel settles, there will be a dot (use the tools below to check). for LCDs/ monitors with one or two dead pixel, it is still acceptable i guess, but just use this tool to validate your brand spanking new LCD! on your phone or PC that is..

For Windows Mobile
PocketLCD, just click on the buttons consisting of colors, and look!

For Symbian
LCDTest, also buttons with colors, or press the keypad for options, then just look...

For PC
Dead Pixel Tester, need i say more? this one has more features though, check out the drop down list. it has more options for display.

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