Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mobile Web Server for 5800 and s60 3rd phones

heres a nice program to try. Mobile Web Server, which you can use to access your phone through your PC. you must first register for an account here Register. enter the desired username, password, phone number (if you want to remotely start your mobile web server, using SMS), country, etc. then download the mobile web server and install it. just accept all the default settings, and enter your username (e.g. myghimh.mymobilesite.net), and password. and when asked to start, just select Yes.

Some settings you might see such as "Available for Public access" means you're letting anyone in public to access it, if they have the username and password. you can use your phone remotely using any browser and the right username and password. also, there is another setting asking to "Open Front Page" is to open up the front main page :P

then your phone will start connecting to 3G, or GPRS. after connected, your phone can be accessed using your browser! just go to for example, myghimh.mymobilesite.net, and it will ask for username and password. enter it, and you will see the screen below. you can access your photos, sms, send sms through browser, calendar, and you can even start a blog using it! try it

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