Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Need to save passwords and manage them easily?

looky here!

Keepass... recommended by me :P because u can use it in PC, symbian phone and windows mobile, and etc...... so its quite portable if you ask me... you can transfer the same KDB (the password file) to anywhere and open it anywhere... wow! and also, its very lightweight and simple to understand. just click click and click, and u can easily manage your passwords.. see the screen shots and you will know what i don't need to install 320989842 of software to run it in windows! or even the phone!

download here for windows version of keepass and here for symbian keepass. and here for windows mobile version of keepass. O did i mention it is freeware. :P

Simple instructions:
Windows - just run and install it, accepting default options. then run it! then add the passwords by right clicking anywhere and click on Add Entry, and the rest im sure you will understand..

Symbian - install and run, then go to File, and select the kdb file you created above or in windows..then it will ask for password, enter it and WALA!

Windows mobile - see the windows instructions above. its very similar..

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